"Smile From Above"
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<<The true power of a startship is not found within its engines or weapons, but rather in the passion of its crew.>>
-Admiral Aaron Satie

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 15, Black Hole Lounge, Upper Level
Stardate: 63073.0315

The Native American had found a quiet corner on the upper level of the ANUBIS' crew lounge from where he could peacefully admire the stars as they rushed by the large windows. Since his arrival onto the Intel vessel the former Commanding Officer of the USS LANCELOT had been impressed, and his earlier words to Captain Rikar still played in his mind. A gentle smile formed on his lips as he thought back to those of his senior staff who had transferred to this ship and how much he envied them.

The ANUBIS had been exactly what those Ensigns had needed, or at the very least the ship had been the break that he had hoped the LANCELOT would have provided for them. Ensign Lopez had needed to find something, anything to help her discover the status of her missing sister and SFI had been a very good place for her to do this. Ensign Fanggot had needed a reason to escape from her past, a situation that had been evident to anyone who cared to look, and the Native American had been certain that her skills would serve her well in the world of Intel. Ensign Mitshiba had proven herself more than skilful in this field and now Erik understood why, the Asian woman held previous experience in Intel on none other than this very ship.

The sound of laughter from the section below drew the Captain's attention and it was with great delight that he noted that Ensign Lopez and Ensign Fanggot had both been sitting at a table along with other members of the ANUBIS' Senior Staff. Ensign Dalziel had also been there, her simple presence seemed enough to have drawn the others out of their shell, a sight that the Native American had been most pleased to see. In time these individuals would become integral parts of this ship's *family*, as they had been meant to, and as such they would be able to face obstacles and hardships that would have otherwise crushed them had they been along.

Erik allowed a faint sigh to escape from his lungs. He had hoped that these Officers would have become part of *his* ship's family but fate had decided otherwise, now all that the Native American could do had been to smile and envy the chance that the Ensigns had been given. They had found their family, one that he could only admire from afar and wish upon them the blessings of the ancient spirits.

Setting: GORN Space, OFREAN SECTOR, YUDARA Asteroid Field, Planetoid, Trade Center
Stardate: 63073.0315

The Tamarian wandered the streets of a previously unexplored section of the trade center, his eyes took in each and every detail with remarkable joy, the alien's love of exploration and discovery of new things having been more than evident. "Sheridon seeing the first White Star," Nartok gasped as his gaze fell upon a structure the likes of which he had never even considered possible. As if plucked out of ancient history at the height of the empire, the temple bearing the symbols of the T'kon civilization stood tall and proud in a section of the trade center that seemed more suited to beggars and vagabonds than a historical monument. "Peasants brought in front of Ra," the explorer whispered as he ever so diligently scrutinized the structure he had stumbled upon and noticed that the carved stones and pillars showed no signs of having suffered over the last 10 000 years. Fear and admiration mixed into a single all encompassing emotion that had taken complete hold of the Tamarian leaving him standing there speechless.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 16, Black Hole Lounge
Stardate: 63073.0325

The imposing Oltharian entered the lounge and immediately headed for the table where the majority of the Senior Staff had gathered.

"Lieutenant Fairborn, I am most pleased to finally meet you," Eve greeted the towering Engineer.

"What brings you here at such an hour? Please tell me that our unexpected gathering here was not the cause of your interrupting whatever you had been doing."

"When it comes to Elan," Lea began in a half amused and half concerned manner. "You will quickly realise that he and the ship are closer than you could have ever imagined."

"Annie informed me that the Senior Staff seemed to be gathering here for a yet to be determined purpose," the Oltharian admitted. "I came to see if my assistance had been required in any way, but if my presence is at all disruptive to your gathering I will return to my quarters," Elan offered as he added a deep bow of respect which matched his words perfectly.

"Nonsense," Ensign Lopez, the Assistant Chief Medical Officer quickly offered as she jumped to her feet and wrapped her arms around one of the Oltharian's arms. "Doctor Summers has mentioned a great deal about you and I want to hear more about your people and their admiration of anyone who works in the field of medicine." Adriana escorted the giant to the table, her grasp around the Engineer's arm making her feel as if she had been hugging a moving tree. As much as she had welcomed the Oltharian's presence, it was clear to see that Lea had grown increasingly uncomfortable as the Chief Engineer moved closer.
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