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"And For Something Completely Different"
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A Klingon, a Nausicaan and a Jem'Hadar walk into a bar.
This is not going to end well

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Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Holodeck C4-2
Stardate: 30148.1100

The air was thick with smoke and the sound of the old wooden piano could barely be heard over the ruckus of the crowd.  The barman on the other side of the large polished wooden counter had been busy cleaning a cup while he kept an eye on his patron-filled establishment.  Through the cracked and stained reflective glass behind him, the black haired Chief of Security could do the same as she took an occasional sip from the drink which sat in front of her.

It was when the bartender suddenly stopped what he had been doing that she knew something had changed.  His gaze, along with that of everyone else's in the saloon moved onto the three tall figures that now stood in the doorway.  Their arrival caused the saloon to become deadly quiet in a single second, the expression in their eyes making it clear that they had been searching for trouble, and trouble had been exactly what they would find.

The black haired Chief of Security never turned to look at the three figures, instead letting the flatness of her back greet them. As the sound of their footsteps grew closer she reached for the drink that already displayed the imprints of her lips.  In one single move she downed the more than half full glass before bringing it back onto the smooth counter top and sliding it towards the barman with a flick of her wrist.

"Fill her up, I'll be right back."

Ya'Han turned to fall face-to-chest with a Klingon warrior who immediately burst out laughing.  She looked up into his dark eyes before looking at the other two figures standing right behind him.  With their attention on her, many of the patrons had taken the opportunity to make their escape, but many more had remained. The Chief of Security knew that she might be able to hold the three of them this way for a few more seconds, allowing for more to leave, but she suspected that those who had stayed wanted to see what would happen next.

The Klingon rose both of his closed fists over his head and brought them crashing down onto where the Chief of Security had been standing.  The iron fists easily broke through the wooden counter but failed to connect with their intended target, Ya'Han having swiftly moved to her side avoiding the attack with ease.

Using the off balance Klingon warrior as leverage, the Chief of Security brought both of her feet up and kicked the Nausicaan back several meters until he crashed into one of the many tables.  The less than sturdy wooden structure quickly shattered under the weight of the creature, letting him fall to the ground.

Infuriated by what he had seen, the Jem'Hadar reached for his side arm only to find his Klingon companion stumbling towards him as he prepared to aim.  The Chief of Security had skilfully used her momentum to swing and toss the warrior to knock down the third would-be trouble maker.

Ya'Han looked down at the three disabled combatants thinking that this had been far too easy. Stories of the combat prowess of all three of these races had made the Chief of Security expect much more even at the lowest setting of this program.  "Computer, raise difficulty level to highest setting and resume program."

A few chirps and chimes were heard by the black haired woman just before she found her feet swept clean from under her.  The Nausicaan had somehow crawled back without her noticing him, and by the time she had returned to her feet, so had the Klingon and Jem'Hadar who had been quickly closing in on her position.

The Chief of Security had to call upon all of her agility and speed to dodge the repeated ferocious attacks of the hunter and warrior, both out to claim the bragging rights of the kill.  Pieces of shattered wood filled the air as each strike found some kind of mark, luckily for Ya'Han none had been her.

The black haired woman jumped on a nearby table in the hopes of taking advantage of the higher ground, but this would-be advantage was quickly stolen from her as the flat surface exploded under the bone-crushing hit of the Nausicaan.  It would be the Jem'Hadar who would reach her first, his hand easily wrapping around her throat to lift the Chief of Security clean off the ground.

Her hands struggled against the hunter's wrists as her lungs began to ache from the lack of oxygen, but her efforts to break free from the Jem'Hadar's hold had proven to be well short of success.  Ya'Han's vision became blur as she felt the strength in her arms draining.

"Computer, emergency end program," Lt. Commander NabuS said causing the three attackers to vanish into nothingness.  The female Andorian had been watching from afar the training program since the very beginning, and thought that now had been the time to act.  "It would be wise for you to remember that this is not an Academy training facility.  The highest settings here automatically take all safety protocols off line.  You could have been killed," the blue skin woman said as she offered a helping hand to woman trying desperately to catch her breath.  "I will admit though that you lasted longer than I expected."

"Lasting longer counts for little if you end up as a trophy on someone's wall," the black haired woman said with difficulty as she rubbed her throat and neck, glad that the Andorian had acted as she had.  "That said, this was an interesting program."

"It is a favorite of my twin brother," the Lt. Commander said.  "Personally I think it childish.  Anyway, I have been informed that there is a transport for you. They will rendezvous with the USS ANUBIS which is still on training exercises orbiting the Moon of PI ALPHA III."

Ya'Han's eyes sparkled with excitement at the news, she had heard and read so much about the ANUBIS and its crew that she had been very anxious to joining them.  "When is the transport leaving?"

"As soon as you get on board."

Although still feeling the tightness of the Jem'Hadar's hold around her throat, Ya'Han quickly exited the holodeck to gather her few possessions before boarding the transport that would take her to her first posting as a Starfleet officer.

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Hanali Han

Ensign Ya'Han

Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer