"Dodge-ball, ANUBIS Style"
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Setting: LOCUS 3
Stardate: 30148.1110

He held on to whatever he could as the LOCUS, under the expert control of the Shillian First Officer, dodged one fiery rock after the other.  Jayson could not help but think that hell itself had been falling on them. Of course this only added to the suspicions of foul play.

"Someone or something is defensively after us."

Jayson had barely managed to say those words when another fireball landed right next to them sending the LOCUS rolling onto its side.  After one full barrel-roll the four-wheel drive vehicle landed back onto its wheels and continued as if nothing had happened.

His gaze fell onto the First Officer who gave no indication of having been shaken by the stunt. Jayson had to admit to himself that he had been impressed by the woman's concentration in the midst of the chaos.

"Are the other two LOCUS still behind us?"

The question from the Commander made the Ensign reach for his tricorder.  It had been nearly impossible for him to read the information being displayed due to the shifts and turns the LOCUS had been forced into.  Eventually, Jayson managed to confirm that two mobile metallic signatures were behind them, dodging the falling rocks just as much as they were.

"They are both keeping up behind us.  If this is some unnatural phenomenon at least this one if aimed at all of us."

The intended humor was lost on Commander Maya as she was forced into yet another hard right bank which threw Jayson against the inside of the LOCUS. The impact was so severe that it knocked the tricoder clear out of his hand, the devise landing into one of the many pools of lava.

"Sorry Commander, I just lost my tricorder."

"Let's just hope that it will be the only thing we lose. HANG ON!"

The LOCUS was sent into a sharp left turn that sent both Jayson and Wydran flying to the other side of the craft, the Ensigns crashing into one another.  Not at all pleased by this, the FCO shoved the smaller man back into his seat. The last thing the Zaldan had needed was to have someone else in his already too small corner of the LOCUS.

As soon as the two Ensigns had returned to their respective seats, Jayson's eyes opened wide as he saw what was ahead of them.  A large chasm had opened threatening to swallow the LOCUS and those inside whole.

Jayson's heart skipped a beat when he felt the LOCUS actually accelerate. Commander Maya had seen the chasm but hr reaction had not been what Ensign Stark had expected.


"Yes I know, but going back is not an option and I think everyone will appreciate us reaching the BARRACUDA as quickly as possible."

Jayson and Wydran quickly held on to whatever had been closest just in time to feel the LOCUS hit a slanted stone that angled them upwards.  The two Ensigns, out of morbid curiosity, glanced over the edges of the craft to see the raging river of lava flowing at the bottom of the deep chasm which they were now directly over.

The impact of their landing, as ungraceful as it might have been, was welcomed with joy and relief.  Without the ability to use his tricorder, Jayson stuck his head out to see the other two LOCUS, both of them already in their air.

Jayson Sousa

Ensign Jayson Stark