"Troubled Mind"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 16, Corridor
Stardate: 63073.0245

Being trained as a Counselor meant that Adriana could recognize the nuances of her own personal situation.  When the mind summoned images or visions of loved ones it was a clear indication that something had been amiss, and as hard as the aCMO tried to ignore this self diagnosis there had been nowhere for the Ensign to hide from the truth.  She needed help.

Given the early hour of the day and the standing order from their CO to get some rest, Adriana had not felt comfortable seeking out other members of the Senior Staff to talk to, not that she would have known what to say.  In addition the Ensign could easily imagine all of her fellow shipmate enjoying the rest that her thoughts had denied her. Right now though the best medicine the aCMO could think of had been to not be alone with her thoughts, as nice as it might have been to *see* her sister, the entire things had started to creep her out.

On the LANCELOT the hallucination of Amanda had given Adriana the strength to press on where many might have given up, but here on the ANUBIS things had been different.  The visions had seemed to point to something more serious, an inner turmoil that the aCMO either had not consciously known about or one that she had wanted to ignore with very limited success. Part of the Ensign hoped that this had only meant that the Lopez sisters had shared something truly unique, a bond that extended beyond the comprehension of the medical and scientific world. Adriana had also hoped with all of her heart that these visions meant that her sister had been somewhere out there, safe and sound.

Unfortunately though, Adriana had also been able to identify these visions as a possible psychological imbalance caused by her mind's inability to tell the difference between reality and fiction.  As long as the Ensign could keep a foot firmly anchored in reality and reason that her sister had only been a hallucination though, the aCMO believed that there had been hope for her case.

[[Doctors do make the worst patients,]] the Adriana sighed to herself.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 16, Black Hole Lounge
Stardate: 63073.0300

Ensign Lopez entered the establishment and found it to be far busier than she had expected especially given the time, then again life onboard a starship never followed the concept of day and night.  The aCMO was even more surprised when she noticed Doctor Summers and Ensign Dalziel had beenchatting together at a table.  Adriana's first reaction had been to run out as fast as she could before either one of them had noticed her arrival, but the words spoken by her sister haunted her.  As much as she knew that this wisdom had originated from within her own mind there had been no escape from it, she needed to speak to someone, anyone.

Reluctantly Adriana moved closer to the two sitting Officers, the sound of her heartbeat having drowned everything else, including the Counselor's greeting.

"Good morning Ensign Lopez," Eve said with a smile.  "It looks like we may be faced with an insomnia epidemic."

"Sorry," the aCMO replied, having seen the woman's lips moving but not having heard any words.

"Your body is here," Doctor Summers jumped in with, "but your mind seems to be light years away.  Are you alright?"

"Just a bit distracted," Adriana said before she forced a grin onto her face.

"Come, join us," Eve offered as she pulled out a chair and studied the Ensign with great care, not because the Counselor believed that there had been something more than stated, but only to get a better idea of the aCMO.

"Bajoran tea," Lea requested from one of the waiters, already knowing what her assistant liked to drink.

"I am guessing that this mission is weighing heavily on people's minds," Eve suggested.

[[If only that was the only thing on my mind,]] Adriana thought to herself as she explored the best way to open a discussion about what had truly been bothering her.  When her steaming cup of tea arrived, the Ensign wrapped her hands around it and carefully brought the cup to her lips.

"Just tell them what you see and hear your sister who is not there," Amanda said, her hallucination having appeared out of nowhere on the other side of the table to cause her sister to almost choke on the drink.

The Counselor quickly reached around and began to pat Adriana on the back.  "Are you alright?"

"It was hotter than I had expected," the aCMO replied coughing while she met the glare from the narrowed eyes of her sister who had not really been there.

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Ensign Adriana Lopez
Assistant Chief Medical Officer