" Morning "
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Rikar's Quarters
Stardate: 63078.0630

The young woman stepped out of the shower and wrapped a simple towel around her damp figure as a bright smile came to grace her pink lips… there had truly been something special about being able to take a *real* shower.

The joyfulness of the redheaded woman was short lived though as she stepped into the living area and noted that no stars could be seen through the windows of her quarters.  As long as the Ablative Armor was active the sight of stars, be them local or foreign, would be denied to them.  Normally this would not have been a problem, but when taking into account that the crew would be encased in the protective shell for 17 days without any possibilities to just glance at the stars beyond, the reality of psychological issues became evident.

"Rikar to Lt. Dalziel," the young woman said after having reached for her comm badge which had been resting on the table in the middle of the living room.

=/\= What can I do for you Doctor? =/\= the correctly Counselor replied using Rikar's current title, something that actually took the redhead by surprise.  =/\= Everything alright? =/\= Eve added after having noted an unusual lengthy delay.

"Everything is fine," Rikar giggled.  "I just managed to lose my train of thoughts between my calling you and you answering.  I wanted to know if you would like to get together for breakfast, I wanted to discuss the increased potential for he crew to fall prey to *cabin fever* thanks to not being able to see the stars."

=/\= I was thinking about the *sardine syndrom* as well, =/\= the Cardassian-born woman admitted with a certain playfulness in her voice.  =/\= Did you have somewhere in particular you wanted to meet? =/\=

The young woman thought for a moment before she replied.  "How about holodeck 6?  I know a little French bistro that would be the perfect setting for a business breakfast."

=/\= Sounds dreamy, see you there in 30? =/\= Eve replied sounding genuinely excited.

"30 minutes… see you then.  Rikar out," The young woman offered before she closed the comm channel and instinctively went to place the badge in her hand on her person.  "Hmm, guess I should get dressed first or the crew suffering from *sardine syndrome* is going to be the least of our problems."  As the redheaded woman allowed the towel to drop from her form a devilish grin formed on Rikar's pink lips.  "That said though, I am sure that it would give Erik something to smile about and Eve to be concerned for."

For a moment Rikar envisioned herself dressed in a rather provocative outfit, one that would have most certainly better suited the Dabo girl Samantha over the Starfleet Officer Sabrina.  A silent debate ensued within the woman's mind as the personality came crashing head-on… playfulness versus duty… enjoyment of life against responsibilities.

After several minutes, the young woman took a long deep breath and reached into her closet for one of the uniforms she had replicated the night before, her new position as the ANUBIS' Chief Medical Officer having required her to sport the teal color of her new department.  As she slipped into the uniform, the redheaded woman found herself glancing at several dresses that could be found in her closet and even though she knew that they had been hers the CMO could not recall having replicated along with her uniforms.

"I'd better get a grip or Eve is going to have more than the crew going a little stir crazy to deal with," the young woman noted to herself as she looked into the mirror to insure that her uniform had been as it should be.  Rikar forced her eyes closed for a moment before reopening them as she willed the vision of her in one of the dresses she had seen as the reflection.

Doing her best to ignore what had just happened, the young woman headed out of her quarters with a single goal in mind… to make it to Holodeck 6.

Sabrina Jones

Doctor (Captain) Sabrina Rikar
Chief Medical Officer