"From Weird to Strange"
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Setting: Moon of PI ALPHA III, Outside the SPHINX
Stardate: 30148.1015

The spat between Ensign Ttosk and Lieutenant Paquette, as amusing as it might have been, had only momentarily distracted the rest of the team from what had been possibly discovered.  In short, that they had not been along.

Doctor Mizore had inadvertently found something that despite her best effort, the acting First officer had been unable to dismiss.  The more the Shillian had tried, the more grim the prospect had been of what had been out there with them.

"Could it be something other than the Excalbian or the Sheliak?" Shar'El asked not truly having understood the full extent of their predicament following the ExO's explanation.  It was only due to the reactions of the others, notably the injured CEO's words that had made the ILO hope for any other alternative.  The raven haired woman's lack of knowledge on those two specific races had been a failing on her part, that she freely admitted, but in her defense she had never expected to encounter either any time soon, if ever at all.

"Scientifically speaking, the Federation has cataloged only a fraction of the species in our corner of the galaxy, so it is very possible that we may be dealing with a never before encountered life form."  Maya's short answer, at least for her, had been another indication of just how bad the idea of having a group of Sheliak out there had been.

Shar'El could not help but wonder if this had all been another way to test the team or if this had truly been happening.  If the Sheliak, or some other hostile race, had actually been out there, it would at the very least offer a possible explanation as to why their descent had proven so difficult.  Maybe whoever had already been on the moon's surface had intended for their presence to remain secret and the arrival of the ANUBIS's team had been very unfortunate.

Be it only a test or a real life-and-death situation, things would likely not get any better soon.  It was the voice Ensign Mizore that brought an end to the ILO's deep thoughts.

"Maybe we could find more defensible ground," the Bajoran aCMO said while looking around.  Although the immediate surroundings of the crash site had been very rocky, nothing had been of a shape or size that would give any member of the team enough cover should a conflict erupt.

"Moving Lieutenant Paquette on foot would be slow and very difficult given the terrain," the CMO said as she looked at her patient, the CEO appearing less than happy with the idea of them staying where they were with the possibility of the Sheliak being out there and closing.

"As much as none of you might like to hear it, staying near the SPHINX will give us the greatest advantage.  While near the crash site, we leave it to our adversaries to guess as to what sort of resources we actually have access to.  Also, it will make it easier for Captain Morningstar and the others to find us when they get back," Shar'El said as she accepted one of the phaser riffles that had been brought out from the SPHINX and passed around.

"So it is decided," the Commander said while she made sure that everyone had been properly armed.  "We stay here and wait for the Captain's return."

Tiffany Reeve

Ensign Shar'El
Intel Liaison Officer