"Making the Rounds"
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"I am pleased to see we have differences. May we together become greater than the sum of both of us."
-Surak to Kirk, TOS, "The Savage Curtain"

Setting: Uss ANUBIS, Deck 17, Hex's Quarters
Stardate: 63073.0155

Hex fumbled with the door release, her fatigue betraying the curiosity at who would have been visiting her so soon. [[Maybe Adriana?]] the Kzinti woman thought with a little bit of cheer. Even though her new quarters wasn't fully furnished yet, she was still proud of the space and excitement built within her despite how tired she was.

But instead, it was the towering form of the ship's new Counsellor. "Ensign Fanggot?" Eve said hesitantly.

"Y-yes," Hex answered, her violet eyes narrowing cautiously. She was never very comfortable around new people. Especially when they were so *tall*.

"I'm Ensign Eve Dalziel," the pale woman said, offering her hand in greeting. The usually energetic furball of an assistant Sec/Tac gently grasped and shook hands in return. "You left so quickly I didn't get the chance to properly introdce myself," Dalziel continued, stepping slightly into the younger woman's quarters.

"The mission briefing," Hex said, stifling a small yawn, too tired to fight the other woman's intrusion. "You disembarked from the AMON-RA."

"Right," Eve confirmed. "Despite our mission coming up shortly, I wanted to make the opportunity to meet as many of the senior staff as possible. usually I'm not so rushed, but I know I won't have time once we reach the OFREAN SECTOR." The Counsellor seemed to have some nervous energy pent up inside of her, which made Hex feel a little less out of place in her new home on the ANUBIS.

"Oh, I see..." The Kzinti's mind raced at the implications of the visit. It felt as though all of Adriana's groaning about Counsellors was coming to pass. And she was the next furry victim. [[At least give me a good night's sleep before my torture,]] she thought.

Even though Dalziel was not Betazed, she was Intel and Psychology trained, which was nearly as perceptive and equally unnerving. "Relax," Eve said, tossing her almost black hair over her shoulder in a quick and easy motion. "I don't have time to sit anyone down on the couch... yet. It's just that teamwork is very important to me." She gave a smile as if it were a peace offering.

[[Keeping the team from sleeping is a strange way to show it,]] Hex thought. Then again, there was something unique about the way the newest officer carried herself.

"I noticed how well everyone seems to work together here," Eve continued. "You can't manufacture that. It has to be there inherently from the beginning."

"Uh-Hum." The Kzinti leaned on her hand, listening, feeling her eyes close ever so slightly.

"I guess my point is that in order to fully integrate into the team, I need to understand its workings, and the group dynamic is vital for good socialization and productivity. I usually get more time to do that..." It was then that Ensign Dalziel noticed that Ensign Fanggot was nearly asleep.

"Oh," Eve said sharply, realizing too late that she had been interrupting the sleep cycle of the free-spirited Kzinti officer. "My apologies. It's bedtime, isn't it?"

The petite and childlike woman opened an almond-shaped eye in acknowledgement. "Yes, I was just settling in for the night," Hex finally admitted.

"This isn't as important as your rest," Eve said wth empathetic remorse. "We'll pick this topic up another time."

"Sure," Hex said drowsily. "Nice meeting you," she mustered weakly.

Then, as quickly as she arrived, Dalziel was gone, relieving the exhausted Kzinti to close the door and resume her slumber.

Susan M Ledbetter (susanmled@earthlink.net)
Ensign Eve Dalziel