“Catching Up”
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Setting: SPHINX, Command Deck
Stardate: 30148.0945

Sonja could hardly breath as the doctor was working on her leg, she was amazed that she had not felt it at the time of their so called landing… However she sure as heck felt it now.

She opened her eyes as the doctor told her to stop moving …well more like commanded.  The CEO was not moving intentionally and was infact trying to stay still.  She felt the ILO next to her being somewhat fidgety, Sonja looked at her and the woman could only manage a weak ‘you’ll be Ok’. Wow the CEO thought she really is not comfy with the task given to her by the CMO.

Sonja leaned back and tried to relax as the doctor worked, allowing her thoughts to drift to an other place and time.  If her body could not move, at least her mind could keep busy.  The CEO's mind went unbidden to memories of her family, her years at Starfleet Academy, her friends past and present.  It seemed like these memories were passing like a slide show in her head.  Every so often a memory would come to the front and remain to be explored in full details, like that picnic when all the family was together, sunset walks on the on the beach, classes at the academy even chats with her Starfleet roommate B’vorkah and her ill-fated liaisons.

What seemed odd about it all was that Sonja felt as though she was not alone with these memories.  This became more evident when there was a memory the CEO was not willing to think of or remember.  She had to forcefully push that memory out of her mind once again had she had done so many years ago.  When she opened her eyes the CEO found the ILO staring down at, and almost trough her, with an intensity that would have been fierce even for a Klingon. This of course struck Sonja as odd because it had been so much out of character for the small raven haired woman.

Sonja looked back at Shar’el and was about to ask to confirm her thought that it was indeed the ILO who had, somehow, been digging into her memories…. When Doctor Doyanne put an end to it by telling the VIPER pilot to begin lifting the SPHINX so that Ttosk could pull her out. 

Once she was freed of the console the CMO returned to work bandaging her wound with the assistance of the aCMO.  While they were doing this Sonja turned to the towering FCO stating “Thank you for helping me,”  and with a gentle grin she added “ I appreciate that you didn't go all macho caveman and drag me out by my hair”.

The towering Ensign gave a small snort of laughter adding “That is for longer trips."

The doctor finished her bandaging and sent the FCO to find the stretcher that was in the sickbay.  Dr Mizore had gone outside to join the ILO with whom she would have to have a chat at a later time.   The CEO looked at the doctor as she applied the finishing touches and fussed over her.

“So guess this means no pirouettes or kick boxing in my near future?” Sonja asked with a slightly pessimistic grin.

“Well not here you won’t,” the doctor replied professionally. “Your right Femur shows several hairline fractures and I fear that it could break and damage several of the arteries which were in a less than stellar state.  I was able to repair the damage to the circulatory system, however the nerve and muscle damage I will have to wait until we are back on the ANUBIS due to their extent”.

“Ahh, here is my ride,” the CEO stated with a resigned sigh.  As she was getting on the stretcher Sonja notice their EXO getting up and leave the SPHINX, she had almost forgotten the woman was present as she was so quiet and lost in her thoughts after the events of the day so far.

Dr Doyanne and Ensign Ttosk carried the injured CEO out of the SPHINX, they were directly behind the three women as they were discussing the possible meaning of the tricorder readings and hearing Maya’s usual lengthy scientific explanations.

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"This is not good, is it?" Shar'El said with a sigh.

"Damn, no this is not good at all," the injured Chief Engineering Officer said as she was being carried out on a stretcher by Doctor Doyanne and Ensign Ttosk.

The three women who had stepped out first turned to see the remaining officer standing just outside the SPHINX, clearly having heard what had been explained about the tricorder readings and their most likely and undesirable source.

"If the Sheliaks are in town, it is time for us to get the hell out of dodge.  They are not the kind of guests we want at this party," the Chief Engineer said with a sigh, not at all pleased to being unable to move on her own.

"We could always use her as bait to cover our escape," the Flight Control Officer said as serious as anyone could have been, drawing the immediate glare of the crimson haired Engineer and everyone else around.

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The CEO asked, with a polite smile, to see the CMO’s med kit for a moment.

“Certainly” the doctor replied quizzically has she handed over the small case over.

“I’ll make you a deal,” Sonja said seriously. “I will repair this should it need it in the very NEAR future, if you agree to fix a broken nose,” the CEO finished, her gaze locked onto that of the ANUBIS' CMO.

“Alright,“  Dr Doyenne said rather cautiously, “who’s nose needs fixing?”  Before the CEO replied she notice a slight grin on the other woman's faces as what Sonja had said began to more fully register.

“HIS!” Sonja stated suddenly as she whipped the med kit as hard and high as she could at the targeted nose of the FCO, It landed with a loud thunk on the man's chest causing the imposing Ensign to step back out of surprise. 

"What the he…” Ttosk had started but was cut off by Sonja who glared at him in such a way that he did not dare to say anything more. 

"THAT is for the bait comment," the CEO clarified, wishing that her aim had been better.
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