"New Quarters"
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Setting: USS ANBUIS, Deck 1, CO Ready Room
Stardate: 63073.0140

Such an embarrassment. Hex walked slowly to the CO's ready room, after what had happened in the bridge, the Kzinti was even more nervous to ask a favor of the Captain. Things had gone from bad to worse as time went on and her need to run from the room intensified. Alas, the Ensign finished her mission and was now about to ask for yet another favor, though this one was far more thought out. Her ear twitching away, the Kzinti activated the door chime and braced herself.

"You may enter," a smooth female voice called from within, Hex swallowed the last of her pride before she entered the room.

"Captain... I'm sorry to bother you at such an early hour," the Kzinti started, "but, I have a request... I wish to change quarters."

The red-headed female raised a delicate eyebrow, "Do you find your quarters not to your liking Ensign?" she inquired, not as surprised as Hex thought she would be.

"No... it's just that, I would like to have my quarters on deck 17 to be closer the security station..." the fuzzball replied, mentally adding a note that she would also be closer to other things, such as the shield control station and two phaser arrays.

"You do know that those are crew quarters, which are far smaller than that you've been given," The Captain stated, now showing slightly more of the original disbelief or surprise that the Kzinti was expecting upon walking through the door.

"Yes Captain... but in case of emergency..." the Kzinti mumbled, losing her verbal footing, as she always would with those she was not well acquainted with.

"In case of emergency," the Captain continued, "the Bridge is where all senior officers would need to be. However... if you feel you *need* to be placed elsewhere, I will have it arranged." The Captain seemed to know more than she was letting on about.

The Kzinti crossed her fists over her heart and bowed deeply to the Captain, a sign of deep respect for a Kzinti, "Thank you Captain, I'm very grateful." Hex stepped out too fast to see the Captain's reaction.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 17, Hex's *new* Quarters
Stardate: 63073.0155

Hex walked in with her head spinning wildly from the stresses of previous days. As the Kzinti had been taught long ago, she decided to center herself. Sitting on the bare floor, the Ensign crossed her legs in the traditional lotus position and cleared her thoughts. A mental war ensued in the fur ball's mind. All the emotions from the past days, grief loss, guilt, pain, depression, anxiety, was all swirling in a small black abyss around her consciousness. Using her trained self-control, the officer reigned in all the emotions, and the images that went with them, and pushed them into the farthest reaches of her mind.

Getting up painfully, the Kzinti decided that most of the room could wait, all she needed now was a bed. Hex made up her bed in the farthest corner from the door, where quiet was easiest to come by. The bed was made of basically an over sized basket and a huge, comfy quilt on top with a pillow and giant comforter. All this in different shades of golden yellow and icy blue.

Settling herself down, the child-like officer looked like a cat snuggled in for a long rest. Then Hex heard a soft knock on her door, just as the Kzinti was about to drift into a semi-conscious sleep. [[Sleep, it was just a noise,]] Ensign Fanggot assured herself, but, sure enough, the knocking sounded again. Getting up lazily, and with the most enthusiasm she could muster, the fur ball slunk over to open the door.

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