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"How Things Change"
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Thirty four years ago her father took over the Nylaan thrown to become the uncontested ruler of their world, acclaimed, worshiped and feared by all.  As the first born male of the preceding High Sovereign his place in history had been set from the moment of his birth. This had been the way of things since the dawn of time and would continue to be until the end of all life.

As the new High Sovereign, Ya'Fen would insure the status of all his brothers by giving titles and roles of great importance within the planetary government to them.  Minister of Trade, Minister of Science, Minister of Defense and many more equally flamboyant titles would be bestowed to each and all of the older brothers. The regal coloring of their hair being the only qualifications any of them required to be accepted in these positions of importance, the fact that no one would dare oppose the High Sovereign helped quite a bit.  This had been the way of things since the dawn of time and would continue to be until the end of all life.

Any daughters of the High Sovereign would be properly trained to insure the continued value of their bloodline. This made finding a suitable husband for each one of them that much easier, not to mention expending the influence and available resources of the High Sovereign. This had been the way of things since the dawn of time and would continue to be until the end of all life.

Ya'Han, thirteenth born and seventh daughter of the High Sovereign, like all of her six sisters before her, had been educated and trained to be a perfect, intelligent and desirable mate.  Their arranged marriages to outworlders would insure continued prosperity for generations to come, and secure the fame and importance of their world in the galaxy. This had been the way of things since the dawn of time and would continue to be until the end of all life.

Daimon Ardax, a wealthy and therefore important member of the Ferengi Alliance had been a well-known presence within the Ministry of Trades, and his wedding to Ya'Han had been hoped to prove profitable for all.  She had not been the first daughter to be given in marriage to solidify the family's influence and reach, but she had been the first to ever refuse the expressed wishes of her father, the one and only High Sovereign. This had not been the way of things since the dawn of time and would not be permitted to continue even to the price of her life.

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Nine years ago she had fled her family, her home and her world, leaving all that she knew behind in defiance of her father's wishes.  His command to see her marry Daimon Ardrax, a vile creature that she  could only see as a small, pitiful Troll, had been too much for the youngest daughter of the High Sovereign to accept.  All of her skills, abilities and feminine wiles had been called upon to see Ya'Han escape the walls of the royal palace, and her escape from the only world she had known until then had come at the price of her own personal dignity.

The shadows of regrets and doubts would occasionally fall upon her, whispering in her ears the gentle and caring words of her mother. This marriage would bring wealth to the entire planet and as a daughter of the High Sovereign her own fame would be forever assured. Ya'Han could see how quickly any of her sisters would have embraced the opportunity to travel to another world and live a wealthy life, but that had not been her goal.

As the youngest daughter of the High Sovereign her path had been set from the moment of her birth, a path that saw her become nothing more than a property to be sold, traded or even given away under the right circumstances.  She had hoped for more from her life, and by the time she had reached her twelfth year she had wanted even more.

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Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Holodeck C4-2
Stardate: 30148.1000

The empty walls of the holodeck surrounded her like an inescapable prison, yet she felt more alive and free than she had ever felt before. Ya'Han had wanted to conjure scenes from her world in response to latest whispers from the shadows of her past, but the woman with the long purple hair could not bring herself to give the final command.  Through great pain and hardship she had earned her freedom from that life, an escape from her past, her family and the wishes of her father.  To bring back to life, even by means of some elaborate scientific illusion the place that she had worked so long and hard to escape from would have been wrong.

That life, the life of her being the thirteenth born and seventh daughter of the High Sovereign had no longer been hers to claim or even remember.  She stood, not as a member of some distant royal family but as an Officer of Starfleet, with all of the personal freedoms and liberties granted by her simply being on this side of the Ferengi / Federation border.

Ya'Han reached around her neck and brought with pride her solid black colored hair over her right shoulder.  She had earned the right to take on any and all of the colors associated with her people, but the darkest had been hers to claim as her own by her decision and actions. Where she would have once been nothing more than a commoner, she now stood as an cherished elite in her field with the entire universe opened for her to explore as a free woman.

The thought of one day returning there did not even cross her mind because to do so would be to move in the wrong direction.  Her home was now here, inside Federation controlled space in a base known only to a few.  Her family would become the members of the crew she had been assigned to, and they would become her brothers and sisters.  

She would work with and defend each and every member of the USS ANUBIS as if they had been of her own blood. This would be the way of things from now until the end of all life.

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Hanali Han

Ensign Ya'Han

Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer