" Patience "
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, CMO's Office
Stardate: 63077.1800

The young woman casually reviewed the data on Genetic Memory Transfer that had been made available following the failed efforts from the Federation science and medical teams over the years.  There had been a fair number of passages that referred to attempt from other races… attempt that had been far more graphic in their failures as compared to those of the Federation.  In the end though the results had always been the same, the source subject had died and the information that had been contained in their mind had vanished with them.

The redheaded woman could easily see the benefits that such a discovery would bring, the simple idea that a new generation could benefit from he knowledge and experiences of the previous was immeasurable.  Unfortunately, like so many other discoveries, the military applications of such a discovery could drastically shift the balance of power.

A lengthy sigh escaped form the young woman's pink lips as she place the PADD on her desk and leaned back into her chair to allow her mind to absorb all that she had read… and to find it within herself to deal with the possible repercussions should their mission fail.

Setting: RAADEJ III, Planet Surface
Stardate: 63077.1800

The beam down location had been purposely set over 100 meters from the actual entrance so as to add another element of security to the facilities.  Knowing where to beam down without having first made sure of the orientation and distance to travel would result in anyone coming to RAADEJ III to become lost in the endless snowstorm that rages across the entire planet surface.

As he checked his heading after each and ever step he took, the Romulan Centurion who had been tasked with a simple delivery wondered which high ranking official he had wronged to be given this less than enviable mission.  The small device in his hands suddenly chimed to indicate that he had reached the intended location… a fact that he would never have known had it not been for the specially calibrated scanner that his superior had provided him with.

Lost in the middle of the snow storm, the Centurion simply waited for something to happen, his instructions having stated nothing beyond this point.  Suddenly the ground began to move and the Romulan envoy found himself being lowered into a subterranean compound, the smooth nature of the four walls around him having left no other choice but for him to wait and see where he would end up.  When one of the four walls finally gave way into a large open room, the first thing the messenger noticed was the logo of the Tal'Shiar that filled far walls… a thankful sigh escaped as he thought to himself that he had arrived at his destination.

=/\= State your name and purpose for you being here, =/\= a less than friendly computerized voice demanded as the Romulan stepped off the snowy platform and into the middle of the room.

"I am Centurion Brukaz with an important message for Chief Researcher Liana," the Romulan announced with as much self confidence as he could manage.  A set of scanning beams worked their way across the entire room… leaving nothing untouched.  When the beams vanished the platform that the Centurion had stood on during his journey down began its return journey as the logo of the Tal'Shiar split open to reveal the entrance to the underground research facility.

Setting: RAADEJ III, Underground Research Facility, Research Lab 1
Stardate: 63077.1810

=/\= Lianna, =/\= the voice of a clearly male Romulan military officer echoed through the room where the Head Researcher had been working in.  =/\= You have a message from the Romulan Senate… they are asking for an update on your latest work. =/\=

"Maybe I should be working on transferring patience as well as memories," the blue skinned Asari woman said without any hint of frustration although most would have expected to hear some in her words.  "The work is delicate… so you can inform your superiors that they will be notified as soon as the final tests have been made… which should be by the end of the week."

=/\= Patience is not a known quality of the Senate, =/\= the Romulan military officer pointed out without any humor present in his tone.

"If you want faster results, speak to Dreshan up on Level 7," Lianna countered with, her attention still focused on her work.  "The pathogen that he has been working on should solve all of your problems if it gets out earlier than expected.  It may not kill us all but the metamorphic properties would sure to make things interesting in here."

=/\= I will be back to check on your progress, =/\= the Romulan officer snarled, the frustration in his voice impossible to be missed.

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Doctor (Captain) Sabrina Rikar
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