"Not So Easy"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Ensign Lopez's Quarters
Stardate: 63073.0055

Captain Rikar had ordered the senior officers to get some rest, and that had been exactly what Adriana had intended to do.  Since the downfall of the LANCELOT, her struggle to get help, the battle against the Imperians that followed and their timely rescue by the ANUBIS, Lopez had not had a single moment to just breathe.  Things had happened so fast afterward that it was only when the aCMO stepped into her quarters that she realized that this had been her first time here.

When she first stepped in Adriana took a moment to look around before stepping back out into the corridor, surely she had made some sort of mistake.  After having confirmed that these had in fact been the accommodations that had been assigned to her, Ensign Lopez re-entered her quarters.  The ANUBIS was indeed a ship with surprises at every corner.  Compared to the cramped quarters on the LANCELOT, the ones on the ANUBIS had been meant for royalty or at the very least high ranking officials.  There had been enough room to fit a small shuttle in her living area alone, and the bedroom had been spacious enough for a full size bed instead of the standard cot.  Doctor Summers had hinted that the comfort of the crew had been important given that they needed to be well rested to tackle the dark forces of the universe, but Adriana still could not have imagined this.

A quick tour of her quarters also showed that her bathroom had been fully stacked and that a shower capable of using both sonic waves and water had been at her disposal.  It was true that water had not been as efficient at cleaning the dirt off a body, but the feeling of warm water on one's flesh had been been far more pleasing.  Faced with this unexpected surprise, Lopez decided to immediately indulge in a long hot shower as this would not only relax her but would also comply with the CO's orders.

Like the caresses of a passionate lover the water cascaded over Adriana's body sending feelings of pure delight throughout her tired muscles.  Once cleaned and relaxed, the aCMO stepped out of the shower and grinned more than ever before as she once again took in the impressive size of her living area.

"There is enough room for the whole family," a familiar voice said from the general direction of the couch.  Adriana sighed as she once again saw the hallucination of her sister, this time Amanda had been comfortably sitting with her hands behind her head.

"You really want me to speak with Ensign Delzia don't you?" Lopez asked, not really having expected an answer.

"It's not what *I* want," the image of Adriana's sister replied with a tone of amusement.  "I'm not here remember.  I am a figment of your overactive subconscious mind which is desperately trying to deal with all that has happened to you in the last few days."

"I'm going to bed," the aCMO said as she did her best to ignore her increasingly annoying habit of seeing her missing sister.

"Dri," the hallucination of Amanda Lopez continued, having used the nickname that only her sister used to set the tone when they were alone and about to talk about something serious.  "You can't ignore me, and even if you don't want to talk to Eve about me, you still need to face the fact that you were one of 80 some odd survivors from a crew of 300.  That alone would be enough to make the sanest officer need to talk to *someone*."

"I *am* talking to someone," Adriana snapped back.  "I'm talking to you."

"Dri," the hallucination repeated with great seriousness.  "You are talking to yourself, that doesn't count.  You need to stop trying to hide from this and face it.  You are about to go on a mission that will require your fullest attention, you cannot afford to be distracted by anything, especially not *me*.  If you are not going to talk to Eve then talk to Lea, Akira, Hex or anyone else on the ship.  You are not alone and you have to stop trying to be the strongest.  Mother and father turned to you for strength when I left, now it is your turn to turn to someone else."

Adriana said nothing, instead she just collapsed onto her bed and hugged her pillow so that it could catch her tears and muffle her crying.  Sleep and rest it seemed would have to wait a little longer.

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Ensign Adriana Lopez
Assistant Chief Medical Officer