"No Secrets"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 63073.0045

Lea would have found herself on the floor of her office had it not been for her desk. The CMO had thought there had been something strange about the new Counsellor. Something that just didn't fit the persona as it should have. Something along the lines of a buried secret. Never had the Doctor expected to be that accurate.

"You're *Cardassian*?" Ensign Lopez gasped. At least Lea had not been the only one to be completely bowled over by the revealed secret.

"You have to be the best looking Cardassian I have ever seen," the CMO said. Lea only realized after the words had been spoken what she had said. The shock had apparently been stronger than initially experienced.

"Thank you Doctor," Eve replied with a soft smile. "I will take that as a professional compliment."

Embarrassment engraved itself on the CMO's features. The comment had been a simple observation with no hidden undertone. The words though had come out all so wrong and Lea knew better. If she tried to correct the faux pas committed, Doctor Summers would only end up digging herself deeper.

"You might want to keep an eye on our good Doctor," Adriana offered to the CNS in a whispered voice. "She may be the first to need a 'couch session'," the aCMO continued. To shift the focus onto the CMO had been exactly what the Ensign had hoped to accomplish.

Lea shot a glare at her assistant who had literally added insult to injury. "Trust me, Ensign Lopez is in far greater need than I," the CMO retaliated with.

"I will be happy to see you both," Ensign Dalziel said with a smile. "Unfortunately our Captain has ordered us to rest, so I am afraid that it will have to wait. Maybe upon our return from this mission we can sit down and work out the details of your sessions. In the meantime, good night ladies, and sweet dreams."

With that the CNS left the office and the two stunned and silent women behind.

"She's good," Lopez admitted as she blinked several times in the direction in which Eve had vanished.

"That's why she's on the ANUBIS," Lea added, a playful chuckle having followed soon after. To be enlisted within the secret world of the NEW ALEXANDRIA Complex meant something. You had to have distinguished yourself at some level from the general crowd. To be furthermore assigned to one of the three primary Intel ships meant even more. You had to be more than simply *good*, you had to be *exceptional* in your respective field.

Eve and the other senior members of the USS ANUBIS all had qualified to be here. Through trials, experience or carefully manipulated secrets, they all belonged here. Strangely enough Lea had found this to be reassuring in some way.

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Lt. Lea Summers
Chief Medical Officer