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Setting: Lunar Surface of PI ALPHA III
Stardate 30147.0941

Having addressed the immediacy of the Intel Liaison Officer's present operational status and any resulting medical conditions, was quite satisfied that most, save Officer Paquette, had been spared the extent of damage or injuries resembling her own. Seska's own blood having quite recently and since dried into hard, darkened scarlet lines on her own face, like some strange even enigmatic tribal representation across her pallid appearance.

ACMO Mizore having clearly noted Shar'El expressing a slight apprehension, even voicing a minor objection in resistance to being examined. It had been and would be her one major responsibility to herself for the state of her team, the crew, in matters of health. Her authority superseded many things when it came to the field of medical practice, she was 'Ace', not even an Admiral had the right to deny or refuse her, much less the present company of the raven haired minx of a woman.

As she attempted to assuage the young Ullian and relate to Shar'El, even if only a little, through a segue in to sharing a bit about herself. "I too, seem to have a minor personality tick as well, at least I have been so informed as much during my time at the Academy, though it is not something I am all that conscious or aware of when it happens or I do it." Giving a reactionary feint smile as she related even the small account, likely insignificant detailed summation of her collective past, which was something she did not seem to do lightly.

While the Bajoran Doctor had skillfully operated the medical tricorder, managing to quite proficiently manipulate the device with only the use of her left hand. Actively providing the means to assimilate terabytes of immunobiological information, routinely link to her PADD, and sort and compile all material in the extremely vast collection of patient related data in to customized list of records in nanoseconds.

There was more that still piqued a sudden and certain interest in Mizore's curiosity, as the tricorder registered several scattered traces of unusual, anomalous, unclassified and unspecified life signs. Average sized facilitative biped, some sort of silicon based Hominid Canidae was the closest conclusively theoretical explanation she could determine. Scans indicative of Five possibly Six relatively similar lifeforms or biosignatures in Ten klicks. :: I should make mention of this to Lieutenant Commander Maya, perhaps as an informal report, as it may very well prove a potential threat, though I am sure she would share a particular interest in this. We aren't exactly on a Five year mission to explore strange new worlds or seek out new life, nonetheless, it would be a shame to miss one such opportunity as this. ::

"I can see by the implicitly duplicitous or disingenuous look you are giving or directing at me. . ." Returning the woman's hard stare with her own, that seemed to see through Shar'El rather than at her. "I am aware of the inherent abilities of your species that or which you possess, as it is necessary to know everything I can, as even the slightest detail can affect, is reflected in, or may impact, the performance of my duties." Her expression never betrayed her, and remained incredibly stoic.

Mizore having taken the time to tighten the bindings on her right arm. "I may not have the capacity to do what you do, and have only a limited understanding of what it is you do, as my only reference or source on telepaths is at best, secondary observation or third party indoctrination from Vulcans. I could or would only surmise that Counsellor Dalziel would have a superior insight and legitimately more range of knowledge and resources to draw from, as to what exactly goes on in that head of yours." Her voice dropped a full scale, acquiring a definite reserved accent with a resonant disdain when she referred to or mentioned the Cardassian by name.

For an instant, she thought of Five moons of her home, her world. Derna, Jeraddo, and the Three unnamed sisters that rested in orbit above BAJOR. Her innermost thoughts had taken her back in time as she was reminded of Rika, reminiscent flashes of imagery of the time they both spent together, usually while performing some mission, under some orders, or on some assignment, ending only with the memory of Rika's passing. The mere act of standing, or being present on the moonscape of PI ALPHA III placed her in a psychologically open, receptive state that seemed to evoke her emotions, her thoughts, as sensations spread from within.

The Doctor's imagination took hold and seized her consciousness, creating a deep mental impression. While musing over the fantasized events, and lightly exaggerated elements of her fathers death, having been executed or assassinated in the Dominion War. Conceptually forging him in to some legendary Bajoran 'lyshu' or freedom fighter paragon burned itself in to her mind, evermore immortalized in some literary epic and the lore of her kind, if only in her memory. That she alone was his sole descendant, both inherited and carried on the ancestral Mizore name and its legacy, had instilled Seska with an endless pride, touched by the current realization that she could truly say she was papa's little girl.

Mizore's sight caught only shadowed or blurred glimpses when her attention finally snapped back to present reality. Flitting between the ILO and the scenery beyond while she adjusted herself, and fixed her wandering mind by reigning in her collective thoughts. Still, progress was slow to claim or achieve any dominance over her unfocused vision. In the distance, she noticed places where new plant life in a stage of early growth sparsely covered the ashen spanse. Past the trench of molten magma where it flowed East South East. Farther beyond the luminous river and low lying flora, surrounded by a mist of smoke, lay a recently formed tree line almost entirely clouded in obscurity to the North East.

Seska swiftly searched for a way to slip in even a shot or chance to improve the mood or atmosphere between the ACMO and ILO. Where Seska was attempting to develop some substantial or lasting reputation or connection with Shar'El, in hopes of becoming less of a stranger, a step toward acquaintance or even friend to the Ullian female. Though it seemed for the moment, like trying to shoot for the moon with a TR 116 Rifle, there was nothing she could think of to say or do that might change the situation. There was only silence, when nothing seemed to appeal toward that end, to alter the exchange in to a more positive context or contact. Seska could only hope that the woman would not misinterpret words she spoke, her actions, mannerisms, or lack thereof to mistakenly or intentionally cause any offense.


Gwen Spellblade

Ensign Mizore Seska
Assistant Chief Medical Officer