"Spinning Wheels"
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Setting: LOCUS 2
Stardate: 30148.1000

He glanced over his shoulder at the two VIPERS sitting on the ground.  It felt weird to just leave them behind that way, trading wings for wheels.  Jayson sighed as he looked down at the steering wheel in front of him. This would be a completely different experience, an experience that he was not entirely against.

The low hum of the engine gave no indications of the power these small personnel carriers had. It took a few minutes for Jayson to get the hang of driving a LOCUS, but after that it actually became fun.  The cockpit of the VIPER had offered some type of protection against the elements unlike the opened cage of the LOCUS. Luckily the storm had passed and the sun had come out making the ride actually enjoyable.  The air had been dry and warm, so the breeze created by the speed had been a welcomed one.

The rocky terrain gave way to the speed of the LOCUS as it bounced from one spot to the next.  The bumpy ride through the atmosphere was nothing when compared to this, but the wind through his hair made it feel a lot more exciting.  Maybe it had been the way the LOCUS was designed, or the sun now shinning on them.  Whatever the reason was, this part of the mission could be something to be pleasantly remembered by the end. 

=/\= Morningstar to Stark, you might want to slow it down a little. =/\=

Jayson eased off the gas and turned the LOCUS to be able to see behind him.  The other two four-wheel personnel carriers appeared as little specs in the distant, at least a full minute behind him.

"Sorry Captain, I didn't realize I was going so fast."

=/\= They do seem to have quite a bit of power, but the idea is for us to return to the SPHINX with them in one piece. =/\=

"Aye Sir. Count it as my having tested the suspension on my LOCUS."

=/\= I am sure Lieutenant Paquette will be happy to hear that, especially the fact that you did so before she was on board. =/\=

The name of the injured CEO made him realize that he had lost track of many aspects of the current mission. Never had he anticipated to lose himself so much into something that had not been his job or responsibility.  Drowning himself into his work had been his way of dealing with his thoughts and memories, but this had been different.

As he waited for the other two LOCUS to catch up, Jayson thought back to his discussion with Counselor Dalziel and how she had made him look at things differently.  He never begun to realize how much it had affected him until now, the way he had been so single-mindedly plowing through his day-to-day work before then. He had been hiding from his past so much that he had actually forgotten how to enjoy the simpler things in life.

It had taken a lot of time and work to get him here, and Jayson knew that Counselor Dalziel would warn him that there had been still a lot more work to do.  Each day would be a new challenge, but at least things had been looking up for Ensign Stark.

Jayson Sousa

Ensign Jayson Stark