" Stars "
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Stellar Cartography
Stardate: 63077.1525

The young woman sat in the chair, her eyes lost in the sea of stars that moved all around her.  Normally the room was use to investigate distance spatial formations or to get a unique perspective on a sector of space long before the ANUBIS would enter the sector.  In this case though, the former Science Officer, turned CO, turned CMO had linked the ship's sensors to the display which gave her a *live* look at the stars as the ship traveled into Romulan space.

"Nice," Eve stated in admiration, this having been only one small step behind looking at the stars while standing beneath a fully transparent dome.

"I just had this *need* to see the stars," the redheaded Doctor admitted, her eyes never for a second having left the moving star-scape.  "Still not sure why, but I do seem to enjoy it now that I am here."

"Who wouldn't?" the Counselor chuckled.  "This is as if we were standing on the ship's outer hull, which come to think of it is a little freaky."

"We'll have to try that some day," Rikar acknowledge with distinct joyful anticipation.

"I don't think the Captain is going to be overly thrilled with the idea of having his CMO and CNS wandering about on the hull of his ship," Eve stated, having known well in advance that the specific selection of words would trigger a reaction in the sitting redhead.

The young woman pivoted in her chair and glared at the standing Cardassian born woman.  Lt. Dalziel could see that several emotions had surfaced and come to be displayed on the Doctor's features.  At first surprise in what had likely been a reminder that Rikar had no longer held the position and authority of the ANUBIS' CO, this by her own choice.  As if a page had been turned, the surprise that had been there vanished and was replaced by anger which Eve could only guess had been either because the Counselor had been correct in that Morningstar would refuse or that the redheaded CMO would have no other choice but to comply.

Lastly, an expression of disappointment engraved itself onto he features of the young woman before she returned her attention to he stars that had surrounded them.  Within seconds, the gentle moving stars were suddenly replaced with the flash of the ship going into warp followed by the streaking stars normally associated with faster-than-light travel.

Eve had wanted to say something; maybe to even hint that maybe, just maybe, Rikar should reconsider her decision to be the ANUBIS' CMO instead of its CO.  Silence thought was all that stood between the two women as the Counselor finally decided that now had not been the time for such a statement.  The redheaded woman had still been in the midst of an internal conflict pitting the personas of Sabrina and Samantha one against the other and until this situation was resolved, everything else would have to wait.

The Lieutenant actually allowed a faint smile to eventually grace her lips as she considered the more positive aspects of the current situation; mainly that the redheaded woman had been onboard the ANUBIS and that they would have at the very least 17 days to work on this matter before they reached RAADEJ III.

Sabrina Jones

Doctor (Captain) Sabrina Rikar
Chief Medical Officer