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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 63072.2355

The young woman stood next the tactical station… it was easy to see that the CO's presence there still had made the new Kzinti Assistant Sec/Tac Officer nervous. The Captain's eyes diligently scanned the work station which indicated the position and status of the USS AMON-RA, the Marine transport vessel that they had met on schedule.

"Status on the transfer of the LANCELOT's survivors," the redheaded woman demanded of Ensign Thomas who had taken his position a little late for his shift. Normally Rikar would have disciplined the Officer for this but she understood that the return of Ensign Mitshiba to the ANUBIS had caused some unique disruption in the otherwise normal routine of the ship.

"The cargo bays have been emptied…" Elliot confirmed after having checked his instruments. "The AMON-RA is reporting that the mass transport went according to plan… everyone is still sound asleep and none-the-wiser. Doctor Summers had them snoring their heads off," the COO added with a faint chuckle. "We also received a few transfers from NEW ALEXANDRIA, their files have already been transferred to the IGC for Commander Enaii's review."

"Well done everyone," Rikar stated with a distinct air or relief… not having all these extra bodies onboard would make things a lot easier from now on. "Helm," the young woman continued as she made her way back to the central chair, "set course for the OFREAN SECTOR, warp 7."

"OFREAN SECTOR… Warp 7… aye Captain," the ANUBIS' new FCO confirmed, the Klingon having appeared to be right at home at the helm of his new ship.

"I think Drell likes your ship," Captain Morningstar whispered to the redheaded woman as she eased herself back down in her seat.

"It seems to be a sentiment shared by many others from your crew," the CO confirmed with a grin as she shot a quick glance back at Ensign Fanggot, the Kzinti's earlier request to test the weapons still the talk of the bridge officers. Morningstar held back his amusement as much as he could while the humanoid feline simply lowered her head once again in embarrassment.

"To be entirely honest," Erik offered in the same whispered voice he had just used. "I would love to be a mere Ensign onboard *this* ship… I know that your missions are more the type to give nightmares instead of pleasant dreams, but there are distinct advantages to being on a vessel as exceptional as the ANUBIS."

The redheaded woman smiled as she felt a surge of pride mounting within her soul. It was true that the ANUBIS dealt with the worst the universe had to offer, but it had also been the kind of ship that an Officer could only dream to serve onboard. As pleasant as the feeling had been though, Morningstar's words serve to remind the CO of their immediate status and responsibilities.

"All Senior Officers," Rikar commanded after having opened a ship-wide communications channel. "Report to the Observation Lounge for a mission briefing," then the redheaded woman shifted her attention to the man standing next to her. "Captain Morningstar, since this is *your* mission, I think it would be wise for you to attend as well."

"My mission?" Erik repeated clearly stunned by the statement. "My mission was to gather information and see if the rumours had any sliver of truth… not to rush in and see first hand if the USS PARADOX is actually still in one piece and in this dimension."

"I'm still considering it to be *your* mission," Rikar stated as she stood from her chair. "That way I get to blame someone else if it turns out to be a wild goose chase," the redheaded woman added with a faint giggle, leaving the Native American to wonder if she had been kidding or serious.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Observation Lounge
Stardate: 63073.0015

One by one the members of the ANUBIS' Senior Staff, old and new alike, stepped into the room and took their seat, everyone displayed a certain level of excitement at the idea of their next mission… well almost everyone. Enaii had never been one to openly display any emotions, especially not for a mission like this one.

"Let's start with the obvious… we have several new Officers who have decided to remain with us on the ANUBIS," the redheaded woman began while still standing. "Ensign Mitshiba has returned to us and will be assisting Commander Maya in the Science department. Ensign Lopez has also decided to stay and will be under the supervision of Doctor Summers in the Medical Department while Ensign Fanggot will take over the Tactical and Security position as an Assistant."

"Angels of grace defend us," Adriana whispered under her breath, just loud enough for her Kzinti friend to hear.

Welcoming smiles and approving nods filled the room… that was until the door to the Observation Lounge opened once more and another officer stepped in to draw all eyes onto her. The woman seemed to have an unusual and exotic charm about her, which only added to the mystery which surrounded the Ensign.

"An additional note… Ensign Eve Dalziel transferred over from the AMON-RA as per Admiral Koneki's orders," the redhead announced as she invited the latest arrival to take one of the empty chairs. "She will be taking on the responsibilities of ship's Counsellor."

"Well," Adriana mumbled to herself, "I kept saying that I would need to see a Counsellor."

"Next we need a report on the ship's status," the CO quickly added as she took her place at the head of the long table and shot a glance at the sitting Oltharian.

"All but one of the Ablative Armour Generators are back to full operational status," the ship's CEO announced. "The last one will take another hour or so to bring to 100%, but everything will be ready well before we enter Gorn space."

"Good," the redhead admitted. "We could easily outrun their fastest ships without trying, but there is no reason to make our presence known to them if we don't have to. What about Operational and Tactical systems?" the Captain inquired, the question having been directed to the COO and aSec/Tac respectively.

"All ship systems are operating as they should," Elliot quickly replied before he glanced in Akira's direction, the emotions triggered by their reunion still very fresh in his mind.

"Offensive and defensive systems are… impressive… and fully operational," Hex stated while she silently hoped that this mission would give her the opportunity to actually see the ANUBIS' arsenal at work.

"So the ship is ready… now let's move on to the mission… Maya, what can you tell us about the OFREAN SECTOR?" The CO continued with, there had been no reason to stretch out this meeting.

The Chief Science Officer pressed several bottoms on the small control panel in front of her and summoned a holographic map of the sector of space in question.

"Although within Gorn controlled space, the OFREAN SECTOR is a haven for commercial exchanges and transactions, unfortunately most of these tend to be on the illegally side of things because it is so far away from any main planetary system and trade routes. The main point of interest in this sector is the YUDARA asteroid field where several planetoids can be found. The largest of these is the home of the main trade center, a large town where it is said that one can find *anything* they desire… for a price. Given that the rumours on the PARADOX's whereabouts were rather vague, this will be the best place for us to start our investigation."

"Given the size of that asteroid field it would be easy to hide an entire fleet in there," Doctor Summers pointed out. "If the PARADOX *is* in one piece, it would be easy to keep it away from prying eyes in there.

"The plan will be this," the CO continued. "The senior staff will travel to the main trade center and start snooping around while the ANUBIS will scan the YUDARA asteroid field from a distance."

"As great as the ANUBIS' sensors are, it will be sheer luck if they pick up *anything* in that floating soup," Ensign Mitshiba said with a distinct tone of scepticism. "There are just too many blind spots and erratic motions in that field to get any viable readings."

"Actually," the Shillian continued, "because of the mineral content in the asteroids, sensor scans tend to be deflected, so any readings that we may actually manage to get would only indicate a general area and not a specific location."

"Hence why we need to get down to the trading post and get some real Intel, if indeed there is any," the redheaded woman confirmed. "The city is huge, so in order to cover as much ground as possible we will start out each at a different section of the outer edge and work our way inward. Needless to say that we will be heading down in civilian attire so be sure to replicate clothes fitting a trader of questionable background. Please take note that communications with the ship will be limited and the use of the transporters will only be possible at a very short range due to the deflection caused by the mineral content in the asteroids."

"We will have to use the runabout to get closer which of course will need to be externally modified to avoid it being recognized as a Federation craft," Ensign Thomas pointed out, certain that a Starfleet Runabout would draw quite a bit of undesired attention.

"We can have the ISIS modified in a four, maybe five hours," Elan stated with utmost confidence which was readily accepted by all, the CEO having long ago earned his reputation for being able to accomplish the impossible within the time frame he stated for the respective tasks.

"At our current speed we will reach Gorn space in just under 12 hours and the OFREAN SECTOR 6 hours after that," the Captain stated as she leaned back in her chair. "This is going to be a physically and mentally demanding mission, so I want everyone to get some rest during the next 12 hours. I want everyone at their best… so if there are no questions, you are all dismissed."

The Senior Staff quickly stood and made their way out of the Observation Lounge, the officers chatting amongst themselves about the information that they had received and the mission that awaited them.

Sabrina Jones
Captain Sabrina Rikar
Commanding Officer

"We are Grey, we stand between the Candle and the Star, between the Darkness and the Light"
-Entilza Delenn, Babylon 5