"Fast Pace Banter"
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Setting: VIPER 3, Cockpit
Stardate: 30148.0930

It had been great to be back flying instead of just hovering over the crashed SPHINX. Jayson had never been good at feeling helpless, and it had taken a lot of hours talking to counselors for him to get over it.  Helplessness had been a common feeling following the accident that had claimed his wife and unborn child. So much so that it had made him stop living.

He saw Counselor Dalziel in the rear seat as he shot a quick glance to the other VIPER.  Instantly he was reminded of her words in regards to his thinking about Leena.  This had neither been the right time or place to have his thoughts on anything else other than his duties.

=/\= Are you sure you are heading in the right direction? =/\=

The Counselor had likely asked the question to tease the Captain as she had done before their departure. That said though, Jayson could not assume that this had been the case and figured that it had been safer to answer.

"We are on the right heading, we should be there in just a few minutes."

=/\= Thank you, just wanted to make sure. =/\=

Counselor Dalziel smiled as she looked back in the direction of the second VIPER, Jayson having given the lead position to the Captain.

=/\= I have the feeling you do not trust my flying. =/\=

This time Jayson picked up on the unseen grin of his Captain as the CO continued with the friendly banter.

=/\= You can't blame a woman for wanting to be sure. Right Ensign? =/\=

The question had been unexpected and caught Jayson completely off guard. The banter had been up until now limited to being between the Counselor and the Captain, so why drag him into it?

He hesitated for a few moments, not entire sure how to answer or even if he should answer at all.  His reply might be looked upon as a challenge to the Captain, and even if it wasn't could Jayson afford to have his CO think any less of him for whatever reason.

"I wouldn't know Counselor."

The reply caused Counselor Dalziel to frown, so much so that Jayson had no problem seeing the expression on her face from where he was.

=/\= No worries Ensign, Looks like we are there. =/\=

The Captain's announcement made Jayson smile, at least this little exchange had come to an end, hopefully without him having offended either of the superior officers.  All that was left to do had been to land the VIPERs. insure that the three LOCUS had been operational and drive them back to the crash site so that the second part of their training mission could commence.

All that Jayson could do was hope that their journey to the BARRACUDA would prove to be easier than their descent to the planet surface.  There had been no room to lose another vehicle if they were to reach the second Mobile Command Unit and return to the ANUBIS on their own.

Jayson Sousa

Ensign Jayson Stark