" Healing "
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Sickbay
Stardate: 63077.1430

The young woman walked into Sickbay to find the giant Engineer already inside apparently waiting for her.

"Healer," Elan offered with a deep bow of reverence.  "I am most pleased to see that you have returned to us," the Oltharian added, his eyes glued to the floor in front of the redheaded woman.

"Had I remembered this, I might have come back sooner," Rikar mumbled taken a little aback by the way Elan had greeted her… yet something in the back of the young woman's mind had made it so that this had not been a total surprise, and the more Rikar saw the devotion in the giant's demeanor the more Sabrina realized that she had subconsciously expected it.

"How can I help you Elan?" The ANUBIS' new CMO inquired, a bright smile having found its way on the woman's pink lips.

"I simply wished to offer my services should you require anything," the Engineer stated in such a way that Rikar knew that there had been *nothing* Elan would not have done if she asked him.  Memories of Trodat and the way he often *demanded* from Samantha flashed in the young woman's mind and came to be compared to this specific moment in time where someone had been willing to give their all to her without asking for the slightest thing in return.

"How is Amber?" Sabrina found herself asking without truly having understood why.  Somehow the CMO knew that the names Amber and Elan were tightly connected, but at that moment the redheaded woman could not remember why regardless of how hard she tried.

"Her condition remains unchanged," Elan replied with a sadness in his words that could have crushed the ANUBIS had it been placed on top of it.

"I'm… so very sorry," the young woman offered regretfully, now chastising herself for having asked the question in the first place.  The imposing man's sadness had triggered a vivid memory of the woman in question, of her being in an inescapable coma that had lasted for years now.

Unable to think of something else to say, the redheaded CMO began to realize that there were people on board the ANUBIS who needed healing just as much as she had and that it would be part of her responsibilities to help in whatever way she could.

Sabrina Jones

Doctor (Captain) Sabrina Rikar
Chief Medical Officer