"One Big Happy Family"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 63072.2100

Lea had walked onto the Bridge just in time to hear Hex's request to test the ANUBIS' weapons. Shocked by the demand, the CMO had no other choice but to join the others in their silence.

Doctor Summers could see the debate in the CO's eyes as she wondered if the Kzinti had been where she belonged. Seconds passed before Lea decided to jump in to the Ensign's rescue, not that she truly needed it. Finding your place on a new ship had never been easy, even more so when that ship was one that officially did not exist.

"I remember the first time I walked into and ANUBIS' Sickbay," the CMO said as she stepped in further. "Everything was so new, so amazing that I just wanted to try out everything. I believe I even hoped that someone would get hurt just so that I could play Doctor right away."

Captain Rikar appeared unimpressed with Lea's attempt to deflect the tension. Even if the story had been true, the CMO had only hoped to see one crew member hurt, not fire the ANUBIS' weapons. One of the first rules you learned on an Intel vessel such as this one was to keep a low profile at all times. Within the confines of the ship people could get away with pretty much everything, but to make an outward display had been a huge no no.

"How are you feeling Ensign Fanggot," Lea asked. "I am just here to check up on your physical status and make sure that everything has healed properly."  The CMO had seen the embarrassment on the Kzinti's face and thought it best to change the subject.

"I'm well," Hex answered hesitantly. Trusting people had always been difficult for her, and right now all she wanted was to be alone.

"You will find that Doctor Summers worries a great deal for all of our well being," the Captain said as she got up from her chair to join them. "In time you will learn to accept that we are more than a crew, we are a family."

"That would make you the parental figure," Lea chuckled. "Elan is definitively the *big* brother, Maya the brainy sister which leaves me to be the annoying aunt?"

The idea that Commander Enaii oddly fit the image of the *black sheep* of the family remained unspoken. When it came to the ILO it had always been best to keep one's own thoughts to one's self.

"I am fine Doctor," Hex repeated. "I assure you." It was clear to see that the Kzinti was still trying to find her place, but it she seemed a little more at ease.

"How are our guests in the cargo bays?" the CO asked, the situation with Hex having been considered closed.

"We have already started to pump a sedative into the air supply," the CMO replied. "By gradually increasing the dosage over the next hours, the effect wil appear to have been natural fatigue. That way when they wake up on the AMON-RA none of them will be the wiser as to what happened."

"Perfect," the CO smiled. "Looks like you have everything under control. Keep me informed," Rikar added before the Captain returned to her seat.

Before she left Lea turned to look at Hex and offered a friendly smile to the Kzinti. Hopefully the gesture would make the Ensign feel more at ease and honestly welcomed onboard the ANUBIS.

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Lt. Lea Summers
Chief Medical Officer