"New Toys"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 63072.2050


Worry made the Kzinti's head spin spontaneously as she headed to the bridge to report for her first shift as the Assistant Chief of Security/Tactical in the ANUBIS. What could the Ensign expect? Would her failure lead to this ship's demise as well? Everything in her vision blurred as the fuzzball had a momentary dizzy spell at the thought of yet another crew in her incapable hands. Hex wondered briefly if they would be luck enough to be saved themselves if something were to happen as she walked onto the bridge for the first time.

The bridge of the USS ANUBIS was much larger than that of the LANCELOT. The Kzinti missed the old ship, but enjoyed the fact that she would have a bit more space between her and all the others. The Ensign walked up to her station and felt it as her mouth dropped open slightly. [[So...many...weapons...]] Hex thought as she ran her hand over the controls. Her newest instruments of her trade, the young officer sighed happily and allowed a smile to touch her lips as she closed her eyes in contempt.

The Ensign reopens her eyes and took a look around the bridge. Everything seems fine and in control while she started to get the weapons ready. Suddenly, her fingers were flying over the controls, arming and firing from all six Phaser Banks, the four Pulse Cannons and adding in the two forward Quantum Torpedoes. The Kzinti was wildly firing weapons as fast as she could at the incoming space junk. The officer was laughing hysterically as she made space light up as bright as an overpowered Christmas tree. Phasers fired and collided with dozens of small space particles that exploded into even smaller pieces. Nothing in the direct path of the ANUBIS survived. Every piece of space junk was either exploded into pieces or was obliterated into nothingness. All eyes on the bridge crew became locked onto the figure of the Kzinti as she happily tested out all her new weaponry. Hex closed her eyes in excitement.

When the Kzinti opened her eyes again, she was still at her station, holding her slightly shaking hands over the controls. All the weapons were still set to stand by. It had all been just a wonderful daydream. Hex then looked up to see the Captain looking at her with a puzzled look. “I was giggling wasn’t I?” The Ensign noted, bowing her head slightly.

“Yes, you were. Is all well now?” the red-haired woman asked, seeming only somewhat concerned at the outburst.

“Yes Captain,” Hex replied, straightening out herself, “All is well, but I have a question…”

“Yes?” the CO asked, turning to once more face the front of the bridge.

“Can I please test out one of the phasers? Or a torpedo maybe?” the Ensign questioned, her ear giving a slight twitch.

All was silent.

Ashley Shane (crazyoneofthenight@hotmail.com)
Ensign Hex Fanggot
Assistant Chief of Security/Tactical