“Strength of Heart, Strength of Will and Strength of Character”
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Setting: SPHINX, Command Deck
Stardate: 30148.0845

The concerned Shillian watched as Doctor Doyanne did her best to attend the injuries of the Chief Engineering Officer.   The acting First Officer had not seen the extent of the injuries suffered by Lieutenant Paquette, but the comments offered by those nearby as well as their facial expression left little doubt as to the severity of the situation.

“Doctor Mizore,” the Shillian began as she shifted her attention away from the medical emergency and onto the assistant Chief Medical Officer.  It was only then that the acting First Officer noticed that Ensign Mizore had also been injured during the crash.  “Are you all right?”

It had been easy for the former Chief Science Officer to see that not only had the Bajoran been alright but that she had expertly taken care of her own medical needs well before now.  Still the question had been a valid one, if only to establish the readiness to perform of the Doctor.

“I have been better,” Seika replied dryly as she glanced at her secured arm for only a second before looking at the Shillian once again.  “What can I do for you?”

The Shillian smiled ever so softly in admiration of the dedication the Ensign had displayed.  Over the years Maya had work and met a fair number of Starfleet personnel, ranging in rank from crewman to Admirals, and unfortunately some would have used lesser injuries to excuse themselves from any type of work.  The acting First Officer had been very happy to see that Ensign Mizore had not been amongst these type of people, a proof that the Bajoran had indeed been worthy of being a member of the elite crew of the USS ANUBIS.

“If you could, I would like for you to insure that Lieutenant Dalziel is all right, I fear that Doctor Doyanne is be rather busy at the moment,” the acting First Officer explained as she glanced once again in the direction of the Chief Medical Officer and the other gathered officers.  “I would send you in to assist but there seems to already be more people than room in that corner of the ship.”

“No problem Commander,” Seska acknowledged politely. “If they need me I will not be far,” the Bajoran added before she made her way towards the black-haired Counsellor, trying her best to keep her professionalism firmly in mind.  For the time being, the woman in question had not been a surgically altered Cardassian but a rather a member of the crew of the USS ANUBIS who required medical attention.  As a physician and assistant Chief Medical Officer of the same ship it had been her responsibility to act accordingly.

Having noticed that the imposing Zaldan Flight Control Officer had been momentarily unoccupied, the Shillian motioned or him to move closer.  Although massive, Ensign Ttosk appeared rather agile as he navigated around the scattered debris that covered the floor of the Command Deck.

“Ensign, I require your physical prowess on two separate tasks, both of which I suspect you will be able to perform with remarkable ease given both your size and strength,” the Shillian woman explained having only once before met anyone of such an imposing and commanding size.  “The first will required you to make full use of your height while the second may demand of you a more delicate and accurate application of your full upper body strength.”

“Okay,” Wydran slowly acknowledged with puzzlement in his deep voice, not having understood why the woman had not simply told him what she had wanted him to o instead of going on the way she had.

“First we would need the auxiliary docking hatch, which is located overhead behind the command chair, to be released and forced opened, the hydraulics requiring main power to function. This should give us some natural light, air circulation as well as a clear line of communication with the VIPER that is currently hovering over our position,” the acting First Officer said before she again glanced in the direction of Doctor Doyanne and Lieutenant Paquette.  By the time the Shillian had turned to look at the Flight Control Officer once more, the towering Zaldan had already moved beneath the panel and released the safety hatches ready to push the now visible hatch outward.

With the first task completed, Wydran turned back to look at the Shillian, silently hoping that the explanation to the second task would not be as lengthy as the first.

“I believe that Doctor Mizore could use a little more room to take care of Lieutenant Dalzell who seems to be pinned by some debris,” Maya began but before she could continue the giant made his way to the respective corner of the ship and promptly started to remove any and all debris, regardless of size or weight, from his path.  In seconds the muscular man had been left with a single item left to remove, the one that had forced the Counsellor of the USS ANUBIS to remain seated at her station.

“Be careful,” Doctor Mizore said forcefully, obviously worried that Ensign Ttosk would do something that could easily lead to Eve suffering more serious injuries.

By the time the words had passed over the lips of the assistant Chief Medical Officer, the frame that had fallen and pinned Lieutenant Dalziel had been removed and tossed towards the back well out of the way.

“You do have to admit though that he his handy to have around. I suspect that it would have required several man to accomplish what he did in mere seconds,” the Shillian acting First Officer noted in admiration to both Lieutenant Dalziel and Ensign Mizore.

“Strength alone has all too often proven to be more a tool of destruction than a tool of creation,” the Bajoran woman venomously pointed out, recalling without effort far too many atrocities done to her people by the Cardassians.

“As I recall, the Bajoran legend of Imjahel speaks of pure strength having saved the inhabitants of an entire village from the Cardassians for several years,” Eve pointed out matter-of-factly, carefully observing the reaction that her statement would instil in the Bajoran physician.  This had not been meant in any way to be an attack against Seska or her beliefs, but rather to show that her own people had come to value the benefits of raw strength in the time of greatest need.

The Bajoran assistant Chief Medical Officer sighed as she fetched a hyprospray from her med kit and applied it against the Counsellor’s neck before returning to the side of the Shillian acting First Officer, waiting to see if her skills and expertise would be required elsewhere.

Jessica Solarik

Lieutenant Commander Maya
Chief Science Officer
"To see the world in a grain of sand,
and a heaven in a wild flower.
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
and eternity in an hour."
- William Blake (British, 1757-1827)