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Our memories
Well, they can be inviting
But some are altogether
Mighty frightening
As we die, both you and I
With my head in my hands
I sit and cry

Don't speak
I know just what you're saying
So please stop explaining
Don't tell me cause it hurts (No, no, no)
Don't speak
I know what you're thinking
I don't need your reasons
Don't tell me cause it hurts

-No Doubt, "Don't Speak"

Setting: USS HATHOR, Sickbay
Stardate: 63077.1100

Neither woman had any difficulty realizing the other's motives. That didn't help the conversation begin any more easily. Eve walked over and sat on the biobed next to the injured woman, who in turn watched her movements with a bizarre curiosity.

Finally, the redhead broke the silence. "You promised..." Rikar's voice was etched with anger and sorrow.

The Counsellor's gray eyes searched the ceiling for answers but found none. Eventually her pained gaze turned back towards her CO. "I know I did... I'm sorry. If I had killed him he wouldn't have been alive to escape now."

There was still a part of the Dabo girl that enjoyed her time with Trodat before he went rogue. But she was beginning to understand the desire Eve seemed to have regarding the Pythron man's death. Somehow focusing on the dark haired woman's hatred made the relentless heaving of her twisted emotions a little more bearable. "If you had killed him perhaps the Locustat would have retaliated. And you'd be in the Brig."

Eve rested her hands in her lap. "I'm thinking living in the Brig would be a small price to pay for everyone to be safe."

"One person can't save the world." Even in her muddled state, Sabrina/Samantha could see that the standards that the Cardassian born woman was holding herself up to were impossibly high. But then again, there were very few Starfleet officers who didn't feel the same way.

"But we all try, don't we?" Eve said pointedly to the woman across from her.

Rikar wrapped her arms around her shoulders, rubbing her arms with a comforting touch. Despite their differences, there were times that she felt they were cut from the same cloth. "I suppose."

Ensign Dalziel offered the latest theory on Trodat's prison break. "Morningstar believes the Locustat helped him escape."

"Judging by the report, I would have to agree." Rikar shuddered almost imperceptibly as she looked down at the broken data device. "Maybe it's time I got out of here."

"Excuse me?" Eve's voice raised involuntarily.

"Relax... I meant to the nearest station. To plan my next move. It's only a matter of time before Trodat and his 'friends' decide to come for me."

"You will soon be a very honored guest on a classified vessel- is that not enough protection for you?"

"Trodat escaped! If that is an example of your super stealth security, it's not impressive."

Eve relented. "As much as I'd like to, I don't think there is anything I can say or do to convince you to stay."

"You got that right." her pink lips curved in a sense of satisfaction.

"All I can ask for you to do is trust me."

Sabrina/Samantha looked at the earnest Counsellor warily. First it was Starfleet giving her orders. Then it was the pit boss telling her how to run the tables. Then it was Trodat, showering her with gifts and expecting unending reciprocation. Now it was Eve Dalziel making demands, albeit with a compassionate angle. "Why should I?"

"Because I can help you."

Rikar glared at the Counsellor. "You're certainly persistent."

Eve tried to reason with her. "We are rendezvousing with the ANUBIS in a little while, and our next stop is RAADEJ III in the RIN-AJAD CLUSTER. I assumed you would want to stick around until you are well. And I can't help you do that long distance."

"You assume wrong." Rikar carefully rose to her feet, determined to pack her things and find some way off this ship... but she realized she didn't have any things, much less enough strength to really walk off completely under her own power. Eve caught her just as a wave of weakness washed over her.

"Easy," Eve said as if she were scolding a child, gently bringing her back to the bed.

"This isn't going to stop me," Rikar protested.

"I know," Eve said acknowledging the redhead's stubbornness. "Let's get you back home in one piece before we discuss this leaving business."



Rikar sighed and resigned herself to a bit more bedrest, doubting that the arrival to familiar surroundings would give her the peace she was so desperately seeking. Like everything else, it would likely bring her more turmoil.

Susan M Ledbetter
Lieutenant JG Eve Dalziel