“Crashes And Booboos”
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Setting: EARTH, Starfleet Academy
Time Index: Approximately 2 years ago

Sonja was studying yet another engineering manual all but committing it to memory like all the others.  When her roommate B’Vorkah, a Klingon female, burst into the room exclaiming “Human males are so weak” and slumped into her bunk.


“Oh dear I guess the date did not go well?” the redhead sighed. “Is he in the infirmary?” knowing the answer before getting the nod of confirmation from her Klingon friend.

“Today is a good day to die” the Klingon woman would say before every fight simulated or otherwise.  During hand to hand combats in their training B’Vorkah would snarled these words at her opponent.   Klingon woman meant business, of that there was no doubt.

Sonja and the Klingon did not always see eye to eye but they had gained a mutual respect for each other.

Setting: EARTH, Vancouver
Time Index: Approximately 5 years ago

Her memories jumped to a time with her grandfather while they tinkered with bits of machiner. Her beloved grandfather was discussing courage and his thoughts on it.  “Fear is at the start of courage, just as it is at the start of cowardice” the aged man stated.  He turned and looked at his granddaughter straight in the eye “courage is being able to overcome that fear and doing what needs to be done or standing your ground if there is nothing you can do.” he stated with mater of fact. “Only a bloody fool, or a Klingon, has no fear” he said with a wave of his hand in dismissal of the statement.

Setting: SPHINX, Command Deck
Stardate: 30148.0838

Sonja sat at her console with nothing left to do, she checked her shoulder straps again, heard the acting EXO state with subdued authority “10 seconds to impact”.  As the redhead looked over her shoulder she noticed the CO and aCMO had just strapped themselves in at the back.  The engineer turned back to her powerless console, feeling somewhat frustrated that there was nothing she could do.  The woman was overwhelmed the memories of B’Vorkah, her Klingon roommate at the Academy, chats with her grandfather.   She felt as if she was being observed, she looked over to see Shar’El watching her with a slight bemused look, they nodded at each other as they heard the Shillian Commander announce “5 seconds to impact”.

:: Could do without the count down to my potential demise :: the CEO thought with a sigh. “2 Seconds to impact” the Commander stated with finality.  Sonja took a deep breath and said “Today is good day to die” with all the courage she could muster.

(Paraphrasing from Francois’ last post)

The SPHINX came to an abrupt stop which sent everyone lunging towards the front of the craft with one swift shot. The sounds of crunching metal was overwhelming in the cabin. There was a moment of stillness when the sounds stopped, before there was motion again in the heavily damaged craft.

The CEO tried to free herself from her restraints and realized that she had been unable to move her right harm, likely her shoulder had become dislocated during the crash.  Sonja also noted that her right forearm had been in a peculiar angel, one that had been far from natural.  Pain swept through the woman’s mind, making her lose track of time.  Her awareness returned when Sonja heard the CO and the EXO discussing communications with the VIPERS. Taking this as a good sign she closed her eyes for a moment rather pleased to be alive.

That moment quickly ended when a crunching almost heaving sound came from above, followed immediately by several loud thuds… almost as if someone had been walking *on* the outer hull of the SPHINX, but clearly that was impossible as far as the CEO was concerned.

"Where did you find him?" the CEO heard Commander Maya inquire as the Captain and FCO stepped into the Command Deck of the SPHINX.

"Both VIPERs were hovering over the crash site," Erik replied with a grin, still somewhat shocked by this unexpected discovery.

"The VIPERs can *hover*?" The Acting Executive Officer demanded in shock.  "I do not recall ever seeing that ability in their specs."

"They hovered?!?" the redhead said with great joy.  "Woo Hoo, giddy up!  I am so glad that those upgrades worked," Sonja stated as she tried to move with her damaged arm.  "OWW," the redhead exclaimed loudly, "now that was not pleasant," the CEO added as she looked down to the actual source of the pain.  "Well that can't be good," the woman noted as she saw yet another injury, this one far more severe than the previous.

Erik and Wydran quickly moved in closer to see what they could do to help, noticing with great dismay that Sonja had in fact been in a rather bad state. Shar’El was close enough to see what caused the CEO dismay and blanched at the sight.  Sonja was staring at the injury, a portion of the metal console had imbedded itself into her thigh and was bleeding rather freely.

(Back to my own words)

“I can see why you said OWW,” the FCO said as he looked over the CO’s shoulder.

“Thank you Captain obvious,” Sonja stated with bravado humour.

“Doctor Doyanne, your attention is required here,” the Captain calmly stated knowing that adding any emotions would only aggravate the situation.

“A little busy right now,” the Doctor replied as she was dealing with a minor cut on Dalziel’s arm.

“No Doctor,” Erik countered forcefully. “Now!”

Lillie quickly made her way to the station where the redheaded CEO had been sitting and noted the severity of the injury. “That’s a lot of blood,” the Doctor pointed out with dismay.

“I don’t mind blood as a general rule,” Sonja explained rather calmly, “but I do take issue with seeing my own.”

“We are going to have to address this injury before we do anything else including getting her out of there,” Lillie stated as she rummaged through her medical kit.  “I need some room to work, is there a way to get this panel out of the way?”

Everyone stared in awe at the metal panel that nearly stood as tall as the CMO, everyone with the exception of the towering Zaldan who without needing to be told simply moved closer and lifted the hindering item out of the way with a subtle grunt.

“This is going to hurt,” the CMO stated as she got a better look at the severity of the injury.  “Shar’El, I need you to keep her awake and her thoughts on something other than what I am about to do.”

The ILO blinked a few times as she tried to figure out how she would perform the task that she had just been handed.

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