"Taking Care of Details"
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<<Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that can change your life forever.>>
- Keri Russell

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 63077.1200

Erik let out a deep breath as he scanned his surrounding.  As nice as the HATHOR was, the ANUBIS was a ship in an entirely different class; a ship he found himself more than happy to be in charge of even though it had not been *his* by definition.  According to the official records, the USS ANUBIS still was under the command of Captain Rikar, a woman currently in Sickbay and having problems her of her.

"I hope you have found everything to be to your satisfaction," Annie said as she moved into view of the sitting Native American.  The ANUBIS' Avatar had already greeted the entire Senior Staff when they had transported onboard and officially relinquished command to Captain Morningstar as per Admiral Koniki's instructions.

"Captain Rikar is very lucky to have such a fine ship and crew," the Native American said trying his best not to let the stress of their new mission get to him, at least not while they were still over a week away from their destination.

"The USS PARADOX is the type of ship that many can only dream of being in command of," Annie countered with, sounding far more *human* than Erik had expected.  "Still I will agree with you that the ANUBIS and its crew are unique in many ways."

"Keep it up like that and I will forget that you are an Avatar," the CO chuckled.  "You sound like you actually have pride in being part of this ship."

"Pride?" Annie echoed.  "Let's just say that I am biased in my perception of the ship and those whom I serve."

Erik only grinned at the comment made before he stood from the central chair.  "On another note, I think I am going to check up on your Captain.  Just want to make sure that she has made the transition back smoothly."

"Ensign Dalziel is currently in Sickbay with Captain Rikar," Annie offered, her systems having been in constant communication with those of the ship to insure the most speedy relay of information.

"Ensign Thomas," Erik began as he glanced to the Chief of Operations.  "You have the bridge."

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Sickbay
Stardate: 63077.1220

The Native American stepped into the room to find every single biobed empty, something that he had not expected having figured that Captain Rikar would have been on one of them.

"Excuse me, where can I find Captain Rikar and Ensign Dalziel?" Morningstar inquired of a nearby nurse who only replied by pointing to the office of the CMO.  Somewhat puzzled the Native American made his way to the indicated room thinking that maybe the two Officers had needed to check something on the crimson haired woman's medical dossier.

"Captain Morningstar?" Eve gasped, obviously not having expected to see the Native American simply walk in as he had.

"Is everything alright?" Erik asked having quickly noted that Rikar had been sitting *behind* the CMO's desk as if it had been hers while the CNS stood on the opposite side along with the new arrival.

"Erik," Rikar began in a far more informal manner than anyone could have expected.  "I will not stay in bed while Trodat is out there creating chaos wherever he may be while at the same time looking for a way to get even with me.  He was ready to kill me before you all came to my rescue, now he will stop at nothing to see me dead."

"Captain Rikar is not willing to accept that she is safe onboard the ANUBIS," Eve added obviously having had a lengthy conversation with the ship's official CO.

"I did my homework," the redhead continued.  "I'm the one who is in command of this ship, not you.  Now I am not being unreasonable and I know that I am in no condition to take on that responsibility, in fact I may never again be, but right now as I see it you have one of two choices.  Either you face the risk of having your Senior Officers rebel against you while I try to take over the position that is rightfully mine, *or* you let me become an active member of the crew and allow me to fill the position of Chief Medical Officer."

"What?!" The Native American said as he almost chocked.  "Are you blackmailing me into taking over as the ANUBIS' CMO?"

"Blackmail is such an ugly word," Rikar playfully grinned, showing a side that best suited a Bado girl and not a Starfleet Officer.  "I am merely pointing out the facts.  You are currently short a CMO and are heading into a very dangerous mission deep into Romulan space."

Ensing Dalziel simply shrugged and offered a sheepish grin.  "No one disabled her security access."

"I am stuck onboard this ship one way or another since there is no way that you can go back to NEW ALEXANDRIA to drop me off or can afford to leave me on some distant Federation outpost along the Romulan Neutral zone," Rikar explained.  "The only way to keep me safe is to have me as close as possible, which means I have to stay on the ANUBIS, and what better way to keep tabs on my whereabouts than to make me part of your crew?"

"It's not really my call," Erik offered, not entirely ready to take on the responsibility of making such a huge decision.

"Actually," the crimson haired woman added with a devilish smile s she handed over a PADD to the standing Native American, "it is.  Koniki has signed off on this matter.  Apparently before I left NEW ALEXANDRIA we had a lengthy discussion in which he agreed to give me whatever position I might want on any ship under his control if and when I came back.  All hat is left is for you to make it official in the ship's log and welcome me as your new *Doctor*."

Eve only grinned.  Having Rikar on the crew would make their next mission easier and having her as the ANUBIS' CMO would make it simple for the CNS to keep an eye on her.  The Native American seemed to recognize this fact and eventually sighed as he motioned his head in an agreeing manner.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 63077.1245

The Native American returned to the Bridge almost looking forward to him being able to hide for a few moments in the Captain's Ready Room, thus giving him time to absorb what had taken place in the ANUBIS' CMO's office.

"Lieutenant Commander Maya is waiting for you in your office," Annie announced just as Erik had been ready to step up to the door to the Ready Room.

"Maya is waiting to see me?" The Native American confirmed, not at all liking the fact that she had actually entered the office without his presence or permission.  The real issue had not been that she had done this, but rather that this had been an unusual way for the Chief Science Officer to act, at least as far as he knew the Shillian from her file and what little time he had spent with her.

"Guess she's not there waiting to surprise me with good news," Erik offered with a smile to the ship's Avatar who remained motionless and displayed no outward expressions of any kind.  "I didn't think so," the Captain sighed as he continued on the path that he had been on.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Captain's Ready Room
Stardate: 63077.1247

"Captain Morningstar," Maya said as soon as the man entered, presenting him with a PADD upon which the logo of Starfleet Intelligence could clearly be seen.  "I believe you will want to read this before our Senior Staff briefing at 1300."

Erik took the PADD and began to read its content.  By the end of the short yet very detailed document the Native American deposited the hand-held device onto the desk and brought his hand to his forehead in an effort to rub away the stress that had suddenly come to hit him like a runaway starship.

"I'm guessing this is effective immediately?" The CO inquired of the standing Shillan.

"Yes," Maya calmly replied.  "I'm sorry if this is causing you any problems.

"No problems at all," Erik half chuckled.  "In fact this is pretty much par for the course.  I will inform the rest of the Senior Officers at our briefing."

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Observation Lounge
Stardate: 63077.1300

The Native American walked into the room to find all of the Senior Officers already gathered and sitting around the table including the new CMO and ship's Avatar who would be providing the bulk of their mission profile.  This meeting had been meant to explain their mission and prepare them for what was to come, but before they could address this matter, the ANUBIS' CO had other duties to take care of first.

"Alright," Erik began not entirely sure how to even begin with what he had to say.  "Before we get started with the mission briefing, there are a few bookkeeping matters that need to be taken care of so that we understand where we are all coming from.  First, Captain Rikar has been reinstated into active duty and will be taking on the role of CMO for the duration of this mission.  Although she will continue to hold the rank of Captain, it would be best for everyone to refer to her as Doctor, this just to make *my* life a little easier."

Cheers and looks of surprise greeted the crimson haired woman as the other officers displayed their reactions to the news.

"Next, and also effective immediately, Lt. Commander Maya has been assigned as the ANUBIS' new Intel Operative and will new be in charge of the IGC and of its personnel.  This means that Lieutenant Mitshiba will now be heading the Science department of the USS ANUBIS.  Congratulations Lieutenant," the Native American continued only to realize that he had made a mistake after having noticed the expression of utter confusion on the face of the new CSciO.

"Lieutenant?" Akira asked, not sure if she had heard correctly.

"Sorry," Erik apologized.  "That was a slip.  I had wanted to wait until the end of the meeting, but I guess I will have to proceed from there now.  Effective immediately, Akira Mitshiba, Elliot Thomas, Hex Fanggot and Eve Dalziel have all been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade with all of the responsibilities and privileges associated with this rank.  I am sorry that these promotions cannot be more properly acknowledged and celebrated but for the time being it will have to wait."

Erik paused to allow the gathered officers to congratulate one another on their new ranks and positions.  Strangely enough the Native American believed that the rest of the meeting would likely come across as child's play compared to what had just transpired.

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