"Looking For Someone"
(Cont. from "Personnel Review")

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Corridor
Stardate: 63072.1910

Aki felt amazingly wonderful given the hell that she had just survived, and the more time she spent on the ANUBIS the more at ease she felt.  Maybe it had been because of Adriana, the woman seemed to radiate an energy that was contagious, even infatuating, or maybe it had just been because the ANUBIS had not only welcomed her back but had been the reason why she had still been alive.  If one did not believe in coincidences these events had been impossible to be ignored.

"Here is the Auxiliary Sickbay," Aki said to her walking partner as she pointed to one of the many doors ahead of them.  "As the aCMO you will likely be spending a fair amount of time here, unless doctor Summers decides to keep you close.  The other doors lead to the Microbiology Labs, Zoology Labs and Bio Chemistry Labs," the aCSciO continued having barely looked at the corridor.  The memories of this ship had been as fresh as if she had been on board only a few days ago, the only dark shadow hanging over her joy having been the continued presence of the ANUBIS's COO.

"I don't think I have ever seen so many medical laboratories on a single ship," Adriana said, a little stunned by all that she had been shown but clearly anxious to get to get inside each and every one of the rooms mentioned.  "Most medical vessels tend to specialize in one field, but the ANUBIS seems ready to deal with *everything*."

"That is the nature of the Intel beast," Aki said, a playful grin having appeared on her lips.  "You never know what you will run into, what kind of biological weapon you will have to figure out before it wipes out an entire planet or what danger a never before encountered lifeform pauses to you and the rest of the crew."

"This will be something that I need to get used to," Adriana said with a deep sigh.

"What?" Mitshiba asked, not certain as to what her friend had meant.  "That the ship is so well equipped that you don't know where to start?"

"No," Lopez chuckled.  "I need to get used to the fact that I have to look upon every situation, every mission with a *worst case scenario* mentality.  The Academy does prepare you for the dangers of space travel and encountering new lifeforms, but not to this extreme."

"It took me a while to get used to it as well," Aki said with a reassuring smile.  "The problem is that this ship deals with the darkest possible elements that are out there, some of which are looking for you even if they don't know you exist.  The simple fact that a ship like the ANUBIS is here is enough to make certain people nervous and anxious to get us out of their way."

"Speaking of looking for you," Adriana said, her right hand having suddenly shot up to impact against her forehead.  "I totally forgot to mention this, there was a man that came to Sickbay looking for you earlier.  He said that he was a friend of yours," the Ensign added, feeling very bad that she had not thought of mentioning this earlier.

"Did he give his name? Mitshiba asked, half hoping, half dreading that the man in question had been Elliot.

"Sorry," Lopez shrugged, "he never mentioned his name, but I do recall him being an Ensign."

"Describe this *friend* to me," Aki requested, relatively certain that she knew who the man mentioned by Adriana had been but unable to understand why he would have introduced himself as a *friend*.

Adriana went on to give Aki a detailed description of the man, each feature mentioned pointing more and more to the ANUBIS' Chief of Operations.

"I've got to go," Aki suddenly said before she rushed down the corridor.

"Where are you going?" Adriana asked, her friend having already placed several meters between them.  Whatever her reason had been to run off like this, it had been an urgent one for the aCSciO.

"To find a *friend*," Ensign Mitshiba replied without slowing down or even looking back.

Dawn Bohr <serra.moon.angel@gmail.com>
Ensign Akira 'Aki' Mitshiba
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