"Personnel Review"
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<<If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles..>>

-Sun Tzu

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Captain Ready Room
Stardate: 63072.1940

The door chimed had announced the arrival of Captain Morningstar to the Ready Room of the ANUBIS' CO and the crimson haired woman had wasted no time in inviting the man in, his visit having been expected.


"Thank you for seeing me on such a short notice," the Native American stated with respect as he stepped into the office of the Commanding Officer.


"No problem at all," Rikar replied as she invited Morningstar to sit.  "I gather you have finished speaking to all of the officers who were brought to Sickbay from the LANCELOT," the woman added with a distinct tone of certainty.


"I guess there is nothing that happens on this ship without your knowledge," Erik chuckled dryly, the ANUBIS, or at least what he had seen of it thus far, had been run with an amazing level of efficiency and dedication.


"Depends on what is happening," the crimson haired woman teased.  "In this case I wanted to make sure that everything went well."


"Here are my recommendations for assignments," the Native American offered as he handed over a PADD to the sitting Captain.  Rikar graciously accepted the item and immediately began to peruse its content.


"Ensign Mitshiba has already been assigned to the position of Assistant Chief Science Officer," Rikar stated.  "In fact I believe that she has reported to our Chief Science Officer already, but then again she had been onboard the ANUBIS previously."


"She was a member of your crew *before* having graduated from the Academy?" The Native American gasped, not at all understanding how this could have been possible.


"Due to a certain matter, Akira returned to EARTH and re-enrolled at the Academy," Rikar explained.  "Her records were modified to avoid too many questions being asked."


"Well that would explain why I thought she would be well suited for an Intel mission," Morningstar said with a half grin.  The more time he spent on the ANUBIS the more he had come to realise that his knowledge and perception of the Federation had been greatly lacking.


"You should see it as a compliment," the crimson haired woman suggested.  "You recognized a skill that was obviously there in the first place.  Now as for Ensign Lopez, I see that you have her listed as an Assistant Chief Medical Officer but her file clearly shows her to be better trained for a Counselling position."


"Adriana is a strange case," Erik laughed while still holding the Ensign in the highest possible admiration.  "Her training and abilities are somewhat different," the Native American added, "she enjoys being at the heart of the action and her perception of a ship Counsellor is that they are locked away in an office listening to other's issues and problems."


"You should always be careful what you wish for," Rikar sighed, the events that had surrounded the USS LANCELOT's demise still all too fresh in everyone's mind.


"It is my belief that she needs to be in a position where she can regain her confidence, and Assistance Chief Medical Officer seems to be a perfect fir for her," Morningstar clarified, not entirely sure that the ANUBIS' CO fully understood what he felt.


"It is not an issue," the crimson haired woman announced.  "Doctor Summers has already accepted her in that function, so I do not think that there will be any problems there.  My last concern is with Ensign Fanggot," the ANUBIS' CO continued, her tone having changed to a far more serious one.  "Are you truly certain that this is the right assignment for her?"


"Captain Rikar," Erik started, his tone having also shifted to a very formal one.  "Hex is the type to blame herself for anything and everything that goes wrong, and I can say thing with almost complete certainty - she blames herself for what happened to the LANCELOT.  She had nothing to do with it but still she will find a reason to blame herself, so we have to put her in a situation where her self esteem and confidence can be strengthened," Morningstar explained before taking a few seconds to think of his next words.  "All of the officers on that list are exceptionally dedicated and will work beyond anyone's expectations to insure that a mission is successful."


"Assistant Chief of Security / Tactical Officer it is then," the ANUBIS' CO nodded as she placed the PADD back on her desk, all of Captain Morningstar's recommendations having been reviewed and accepted.



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