"The Afterparty"
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Setting: Infirmary
Stardate 30147.0833

Mizore uttered nary a sound, nothing in response for verbal acknowledgement to the Captain's words appreciation, though his show of gratitude had reached deep inside her, instead conjuring a small, warm smile forming on her features, slowly softened by his presence. Her first real, substantial moment of personal connection with anyone from the ship since arriving on the USS ANUBIS, seated in such close proximity to her Commanding Officer. Mizore was only doing what she could, what she had to, or what she felt or believed needed to be done. Still, there was something more that she experienced in that semi intimate moment of kith attachment.

"Sir, are you hurt or are you injured?" Awaiting the reply to her inquiry, her twin shaded eyes affixed themselves as they met and locked with his vision, a noticeable display of concern apparent on her expression. The Captain paused for time to pass, self evaluating aspects of his operational capacity and current abilities, or lack of. "I am only hurt Doctor, no reason to worry needlessly." The hesitant grin on his face did little to ease or lessen her concern.

Mizore positioned herself standing at Morningstar's left side, embracing a sense or sort of maternal instinct, as one would in the care of their own. Slowly removing the flight helm, careful not to agitate any existing injuries or inflict any other damage to the Captain. Gently placing a neural stimulator to one side of her commanding officer's head, restoring and stabilizing his higher mental functions. "You, Captain, are either most fortunate or incredibly lucky to have been spared any cerebral trauma." Expelling a deep breath, as an elated sensation of relief flowed through her for a mere instant before it passed.

"I will continue to watch you, and follow your condition. However, I see no reason you need to be kept here or confined to this space, so you are relatively free to move about the SPHINX." Now in possession of every possible readout on her patients condition, made aware of any and every change, even the slightest development. "While your mental state is perfectly in tact and functioning flawlessly, I admit had used a small dose of Five CC's Improvoline, a sedative, to passively nullify any pain, so you will, or might possibly exhibit a slight delay physically in motor function for awhile."

Giving her superior a few seconds to adjust to the medically induced lapse in body response. "I would suggest you maintain only limited physical activity, Captain." 

"Maybe you would like to stretch a little, see the Control Section of the SPHINX, check on the rest of the crew?" Cleverly dodging a proverbial bullet before getting blasted by Morningstar should he resort to invoking his personal authority over her with a strongly worded hazing on her prescribed limitation, slipping across the central corridor in to storage to retrieve an unassuming set of purely black magnetic gravity boots before returning to the Infirmary.

"Is that your professional opinion ACMO Seska. . ." As the Earthborn man posed the statement rhetorically. "Doctors orders?" Resting a rather intense stare in to her own eyes. "Yes, yes, I will transfer your case to Doctor Doyanne at the first possible opportunity, as she is the Senior Officer. There is little else I can do or provide for you, Captain Morningstar." Rendering her reply with deliberate shrug, assisting Erik, while he slipped in to the boots.

"One last thing, Sir, if I may speak? When you listed me among those officers chosen for this on the USS ANUBIS." She looked at him, as if to study the man before her. "You had called me by my given name, and once more a moment ago. For those of us from my world, our culture is a little different, you could say it is very similar to Asian culture from your world when it comes to names. Where our given name comes after our family name." Expelling a breath for a moment.

"I do not mean to correct, so much as inform, as you do not seem to know much about us as a people Captain. Our family names were once part of a Bajoran caste system or social hierarchy, called D'jarra, which determined their occupation. Mine belongs to the Mi'tino D'jarra, representing the class of merchants and land owners." Her appearance betrayed her, painting a sense of confusion and loss across her face while she continued. "The whole system was set aside during The Occupation, and since abandoned. It is like turning your back on one's ancestor's, or one's own personal history."

Her lips pressed together in an attempt to supress a sigh, instead only served to quietly mute it somewhat. The Commanding Officer had been listening, though his eyes often wandered toward the front of the vessel, in the direction of the control section. "I am aware your attention seems to be preoccupied by other matters and can see your interest lies elsewhere." Taking what little she had brought with her in preparing for the exercise, shifted her weight toward the Captain, silently offering her aid should he require it, as they moved toward the front of the MCU.
Setting: SPHINX, Control
Stardate 30147.0836

Morningstar was the first to enter, followed in time by the ACMO carrying a tangible look of indifference. Wasting no time as they both strapped in, Erik to the right, Seska to the left, against the rear wall behind Maya at the command chair. As the Captain familiarized himself with the staff present, the situation of the SPHINX, the conditions of the crew, and the operations of the mission. "First Officer Maya, you have Command, I am only here in a secondary observational capacity." His voice carrying the presence and experience of years spent in command in Starfleet.

Almost as soon as she had situated herself, the lights went dark, only moments before the delayed synchronous explosions that preceded the dual shockwaves that rocked the ship, skewing their approach angle two point five degrees downward on the fore to port. The closer to the SPHINX was in relation to the surface of PI ALPHA III, the more Seska seemed to withdraw in to the thoughts of her own mind, yet without power there was no way to accurately gauge any more than instinct, intuition, and anticipation. ::By The Prophets, I swear this place, PI ALPHA III makes TALOS IV look like a 'ras' theme park.:: Finding it within herself to susurrate only a few words, scarcely more that a whisper in the darkness. "Jia'kaja, tre'nu'tol'a rem. . . La'por i'lanu kos. . . I'nar tan'a'tali nor. . ."

Then came the horrific ambient noise of folding metal, as alloys were twisted by the impact collision, breaking stone in to gravel which acted like shrapnel against the sides of the SPHINX. The cataclysmic force had shattered her collar bone, dislocating her right arm, and slammed her head against jagged plating. When everything had come to a complete stop, all motion had ceased, her head pounded, blood gradually dripped in to her right eye, stinging her vision, with her right arm cold and paralyzed, and sharp pain wracked her nerves. It was all of these factors that heavily influenced her mood, and disposition, as she fought to extricate herself from the harness that bound her to the jump seat with only a single hand.

Falling to the floor, where Seska collapsed to her knees, bracing herself in a three pointed crawl toward the storage locker nearest her, roughly pressing her hand against it, shifting her position, before forcing it open with a hard right kick. Sensorily hunting intensely through the contents for a SIMS beacon, took great concentration and intense effort in managing to successfully procure one. Placing it strapped to her one good arm as she shoved herself upward in one heaved motion to her feet, activated the light device, before scanning the floor for her personal PADD and the medical kit.

Mizore's words came rasped in low hushed tones from her mouth, where she almost choked trying to speak them. "Status report, and state the nature of any medical emergency." Ripping the corded strap off the portable medical kit, using it to lash and tether her damaged arm tightly against her own body, immobilizing the limb. Collecting what was left of her equipment, taking some small measure of comfort in having retrieved them. There, still dialed in on her PADD was the entire scope of Captain Morningstars condition in complete detail, the synopsis pixelated in luminous emerald glowing Bajoran ideograms. 'Stable. All functions normal.'
Gwen Spellblade
Ensign Mizore Seska
Assistant Chief Medical Officer