"Not Much to Think About"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 7, Main Sickbay
Stardate: 63072.1910


Hex could barely contain her excitement at the thought of joining the ANUBIS crew. Not that the Kzinti knew anyone on board, but she was sure to meet them sooner or later anyway. Because the Ensign was so quick to answer, Captain Morningstar said that she'd have to think it over more carefully. So, that's what the officer did.

The Kzinti decided to do what she would usually do when faced with a *tough* decision. Weigh the pros and cons of her particular situation. So far she was faced with only one con and three pros:

1) She would get to go on a real adventure, to discover things no one in the universe knew about and would hopefully get to see amazing new places on the way.
2) She considered every memory, even the bad ones, to be precious and hated the thought of losing even a single one. After all, memories are things to learn from, not to fear.
3) She would be working in complete secrecy. That meant that her mother either thought she was dead, or wasn't expecting her back. She would not have to return to Kzinti Prime anytime soon, maybe never.

1) She was afraid of everyone on the ship and worried they wouldn't accept her knowing her previous failure to keep her shipmates safe.

The pros outweighed the cons easily, but the one con still worried her deeply. The Kzinti had taken the full responsibility of the LANCELOT's failed mission; even if it wasn't the mission the Ensign had believed it to be. Hex felt as though all the lives lost were on her shoulders. How could anyone accept her with such a reputation?

[[They're asking you to join, not telling you]] The cat-like humanoid thought to herself. It was true, the Ensign wasn't being forced. All and all the Kzinti had made up her mind. Even if they hated her, or shunned her, for what she did to the LANCELOT, Hex felt as if she had finally found a true refugee on the ANUBIS.

As she went to find Captain Morningstar, her conclusion only grew stronger. The Kzinti would lose no memories and would go places others could only dream about. Best of all, The Ensign would never again have to see her mother. Hex was free.

Ashley Shane (crazyoneofthenight@hotmail.com)
Ensign Hex Fanggot
Sec/Tac Officer