" Storm "
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Setting: USS HATHOR, Sickbay
Stardate: 63077.1100

The young woman sat on the biobed, her back prompted against the single pillow upon which her head had been resting on while the redhead slept.  Rest had been something that Rikar had greatly needed, but something in the back of her mind had drawn her back into the realm of reality… and she quickly discovered why.

The PADD that had been thrown against the far wall still displayed the report on Trodat's escape and the state in which the guards that were charged with keeping an eye on the PYTHRON man were found in.  Despite the broken display screen, the information could still be seen as if the universe itself had wanted to taunt the young woman with the fact that her assailant… the man who had nearly killed her had escaped.

Rikar could not figure out if she had wanted to jump to her feet and scream out in anger or roll to her side, curl up in a fetal position and cry.  All that the young woman knew was that this part of her life, this effort to run away from another sorrow filled existence would come back to haunt her, likely sooner rather then later.

As a Starfleet Captain, Sabrina did not fear the PYTHRON pup whose own perception of importance in the universe stretched far beyond the limits of reality.  Troodat had wanted to believe that it had been some divine destiny that had ordained his ascension to power and that the rest of the universe would be made to follow wherever he chose to lead.  The man had been a danger to everyone around him, be them friend or foe, and Trodat would have to be dealt with sooner or later before more were made to pay the price that had been demanded of Kamlia had almost of the young woman herself.

As a shapely and energetic Dabo girl, Samantha had possessed skills and knowledge that would have allowed her to keep the eccentric PYTHRON youth entertained if not happy.  As long as she remained on his good side, there would have been more then enough time for the redhead to find a weakness that she could have slowly… carefully exploited so as to remain safe.

The problem had been this… Rikar currently fell into neither description; not possessing the status and authority of a Starfleet Captain nor the sensual private access that would have given the young woman the ability to deal with this situation in one form or another.  Instead the confused and injured redhead had been sitting on a medical bed inside of a starship heading into the unknown with a mind filled with thoughts that at times felt as if they had not been her own.

Rikar had been here… in medical recovery because of the actions of friends who had come to her rescue, but had this truly been for the best?  Had these people... these friends given the redhead another chance at life or had they simply delayed what the universe had already decided the young woman's fate would be?  Had Sabrina been given the chance to settle the score or had they made Samantha an unwilling lamb to be hunted while she agonized as to when and how the end would come?

Icy blue eyes searched for a brief moment the floor in search of the electronic device that had flown through the air a short while back.  For some reason the redhead had decided that the PADD, this inanimate object that served only the purpose of relaying information had been responsible for her immediate troubles.  This had provided a focus… for thoughts… for fear… for anger… a target that proved uncaring and most accepting of the storm of emotions the redhead felt brewing deep within her.

The young woman's attention suddenly shifted to the door as it hissed open and Rikar's eyes narrowed as she identified the person in the now open doorway as Ensign Dalziel… the ANUBIS' Counselor.  Eve's eye met those of the emotional redhead and when she noted anger within them, the Cardassian born woman's gaze dropped to revealing the reason for the injured Captain's attitude and the focus of her anger… the PADD.

Rikar knew.

Sabrina Jones

Samantha Rikar
Dabo Girl

Once known as…
Captain Sabrina Rikar
Commanding Officer