"The Fun Begins"
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Setting: USS HATHOR, Bridge
Stardate: 63077.0845

ET sat at his console working on the usual activities that arose ::Would Captain Morningstar allow me to go to see Captain Rikar, I really would like to know how she is doing. I should ask him, it's what everybody else is probably thinking, when can we visit Captain Rikar.::

Elliot looked around the room and he could feel a slight change in atmosphere, people didn't know how to go about requesting time to speak to the USS ANUBIS captain.

Ensign Thomas took a deep breath and quickly babbled "Captainwhencanweseethecaptain". Erik turned in his seat to look at the COO with a puzzled expression, ET could see the Captains confusion and went over what he had said in his head and as he done so he noticed that everyone else was looking at him also.

Elliot realised why people were staring at him, he had been so nervous and anxious at asking for some time to speak to the redheaded lady in sickbay that he had almost asked the question to the captain as one hurried word ::No wonder the captain didn't understand me:: The COO composed himself and then continued calmly "I'd like to request a little time to go visit Captain Rikar".

The CO sat quietly for a few seconds then responded "Not quite yet Ensign, I think we should let the councillor deal with Captain Rikar, and when she gives me the OK I guarantee you all can see her then".

Ensign Thomas was not immediately happy with the CO's decision, but he did understand why he made it.

ET looked over to Aki and gave her a nod, she knew this to be the - meet me in the mess hall nod. Elliot called for his shift cover then left for a 15 minute break in the mess hall.

Setting: USS HATHOR, Mess Hall
Stardate: 63077.0900

The COO walked in the Mess Hall and saw Commander Maya and the Chief Engineer sitting at the far table. Elliot gave them an acknowledging wave, and walked over to the replicator to get a drink then went to sit at the table nearest the door as you entered so he could speak to Aki privately, when she came in.

About 2 minutes after ET came in Ensign Mitshiba walked through the Mess Hall doorway. Hi ET, one second I'm going to get a drink.

Elliot watched her nice round bum as she walked to the replicator, the way her bum wiggled as she moved was starting to arouse the Ensign and how her uniform would cling to every part of her body made him just want to catch her from behind at the enter her there at the replicator and make her scream with pleasure, but he suppressed his emotions by thinking of the consequences, the brig for one, and the long lecture he would receive from the councillor for his actions, the latter making him giggle to himself.

The aCSciO arrived back at the table "so what are you giggling about?" she smiled.

Elliot gazed into her eyes "Oh nothing babe." he answered with a smirk.

Craig Mitchell
Ensign Elliot Thomas
Chief Operations Officer