"The Dark Side"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, CMO's Office
Stardate: 63072.1850

The explanation given by Captain Morningstar as to their current situation had indeed presented Adriana with a golden opportunity to be in a better position to discover what had happened to her sister and maybe even find out some information about her biological parents. The words spoken by Doctor Summers though had brought things into a clearer perspective that made Ensign Lopez carefully consider the choice that had been hers to make.

The Starfleet Officers who had adopted her, those whom she had lovingly called mother and father for all those years had given her so much that it had been impossible for Adriana to consider causing them any sort of pain.  Regardless of her genetics, Adriana had fully accepted her role and status in the Lopez family, but that had also been why the decision had been such a difficult one to make.

If she had been meant to never know about her biological parents, or spend the rest of her life not knowing why she had been abandoned on CESTUS III, Adriana would have still been happy with her life.  In the last 24 years she had already seen and done enough to justify using the term 'a full life', but the sting of not knowing what had become of her sister Amanda had been too much to turn away from.  Knowing how much her sister's disappearance had affected her parents as well as her, Ensign Lopez had been left with little say in the matter; they all deserved to know what had happened to Amanda.

"Will I be able to let my parents know that I am still alive?" Adriana asked.  If her mother and father were to believe that she had mysteriously vanished as her sister had, their sorrow would likely be enough to kill them.

"In time," Doctor Summers cautiously replied.  "There will be a need to come up with some sort of cover story, maybe that you managed to make it to an escape pod to be captured by some enemy of the Federation.  There are people in NEW ALEXANDRIA who specialize in these types of stories and they are rather skilled at it."

"In the meantime though they will believe that I died on the LANCELOT," Lopez said, the sadness in her voice having been enough to make Doctor Summers fight back her own tears.

"It cannot be helped," the CMO lied not having wanted to raise the Ensign's hopes.  Under some very unique circumstances, information had been leaked to people outside of the NEW ALEXANDRIA's sphere of secrecy.  Lea knew that it would have been child's play to let Adriana's parents know that she had been alive and maybe even that she had gone undercover on a classified mission.  Only Admiral Koneki could authorize such release of information and there had been little hope that he would do so for the Ensign's sake.

Adriana had been on the verge of tears, the thought that her parents would believe that their other daughter had been at best MIA had been very difficult to accept.  If Lopez did not embrace this opportunity though they would all have to continue to deal with the unknown of Amanda's case for likely several more years, at least here onboard the ANUBIS there had been the chance that an answer would be discovered sooner.

"You do not need to make up your mind now," Doctor Summers said, the Ensign's struggle having been apparent.

"I already have," Adriana said with a heavy sigh.  "How can I be of assistance to you or any other member of this crew?"

Marissa Montonera-Lombardi {mmlm24@gmail.com}

Ensign Adriana Lopez
Assistant Chief Medical Officer