"What Happened?"
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Setting: SPHINX, Command Deck
Stardate: 30148.0830

What happened? In only a few minutes they had gone from being right on target to having lost one of their VIPERS and having their CO in the Infirmary. It just didn't make any sense and the more the ILO looked into the sensor logs the less it all added up.

Yes, the sensors had picked up a severe thunderstorm ahead. Yes, the sensor had recorded an impressive amount of electrical discharges. The problem was that nothing the sensors had picked up could account for the VIPER having gone "dead". Of course following the ship's destruction there had been no material evidence to investigate in order to find out what had happened.

There had been one possibility left, one that fell squarely into the ILO's field of expertise.  With a scan of the Captain's memories Shar'El would be able to see what had happened to cause the medical readouts of Captain Morningstar to be blank and why the VIPER had suddenly taken up a collision course with the SPHINX.

Had the blinding flash of light stunned their CO and in so doing caused him lean into the controls to bring the two ships onto a collision course?  If this had been the case, why had Doctor Doyanne's readouts show no life signs from Captain Morningstar?

Had the flash of light been a visual effect of a massive electrical discharge that had caused the VIPER's system to go offline?  Again, this failed to explain why no life signs had been detected not to mention that only VIPER 1 had been affected leaving the other ships who were in close range untouched.

The SPHINX's tactical system showed that nothing had come in contact with the ship other than the rain and wind, so the lack of life signs from the Captain had to have originated from his end.  What happened?

A quick glance over the ILO's shoulder towards the calm acting First Officer made it clear that the woman's mind had not been so at rest. The memory of her order to fire on the VIPER echoed through her thoughts with dizzying speed and frequency.  Maya could not be reproached for what she had done, in fact her quick action had likely saved them all, but this did not offer any explanation as to what had caused this situation.

Only one person could answer this question and for the time being he would be safe from the Ullian's ability to look into other's memories. Seska had made it clear that the Captain would have to rest, and that made perfect sense given what he had just gone through. So the answers would have to wait until after they landed onto the moon's surface.

Shar'El's eyes opened wide as she suddenly noted just how little distance separated the SPHINX from the moon's surface. The ILO's thoughts had been so focused on trying to figure out what had happened that she had lost track of what *was* happening.

"I hope their plan works or we are all going to become flattened scrambled eggs really soon," Sonja said allowing Shar'El to quickly review the plan in question from her memories.  The ILO had been so caught up in her own thoughts that she had completely failed to hear the conversation between the two pilots.

All that Shar'El could do now was to wait and hope.  Depending on what *would* happen next, the ILO might be given the opportunity to investigate what *had* happened to their Captain.  In the meantime there had been only one thing for the woman to do, and that had been to hold on to the "ladies" as Sonja had earlier suggested.

Tiffany Reeve

Ensign Shar'El
Intel Liaison Officer