"Dimensional Jump Engines Have Nothing on the Imagination of a Shillian"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 12, Astrophysics Lab
Stardate: 63072.1845
The Saturn Project. It had been years since the Shillian Scientist had researched this subject, and even though the head of the Science Department had kept up with the Intel reports she had never truly given it a second thought. According to all of the research and experiments that had been done on this matter, the ability to break through the fabric of the space-time barrier between dimensions had been well beyond their grasp.
Then again, the Borg had managed to accomplish this *impossible* feat, although their final result had been far from what they had expected, having opened the doorway to Species 8472. Starfleet had also been able to send vessels into other dimensions, although all of these had been through the combination of strange astral circumstances and a great deal of luck. Maybe that had been the reason why the project had never truly been abandoned, the dream having been kept alive by the insanity of a single scientist.
Over the years Starfleet Intelligence had catalogued countless accounts of similar research from every corner of the quadrant and opened even more files on failed attempts, some of these having been of their own efforts. The database found within the secured main frame of the NEW ALEXANDRIA complex contained far more data with even more details, but still it had seemed as if the Federation had not truly been serious about the possible benefits of this line of research.
The unexpected destructions of the USS SAGAN and USS SATURN on their respective maiden voyages had not been enough to put an end to the project, but the subsequent disappearances of the USS PARADOX and USS JUPIUTER had played a heavy role in changing the focus of Starfleet in this field. The USS VORTEX had been commissioned with a far less ambitious mission profile in the hopes that smaller steps would eventually lead to the thrills of success instead of the agony of failure.
The complex and nearly incomprehensible formulas for the creation of a trans-dimensional vortex had been staring back at the Shillian scientist for almost half an hour now and still the Chief Science Officer remained fixated on the large wall-size view screen. The thoughts of the Shillian had long ago passed beyond the displayed numbers and symbols to explore the endless possibilities that the formula had presented her with. Never before seen constellations, breathtaking nebulas and sights beyond the ability to be described by simple words teased the Scientist who had lost herself in this imaginary journey through the endless layers between the dimensions.
So completely lost in her thoughts, the Chief Science Officer had failed to hear the doors to the Astrophysics Lab open to welcome a new presence in the room.
"It is nice to see that certain things never change," Ensign Mitshiba said, having been relatively certain that the Shillian scientist could be found in one of the science labs onboard the USS ANUBIS. "I just came by to see how you were," Akira added as she stepped closer to see what had caught the attention of the Chief Science Officer so fully.
"I am very happy to see that you are back with us," the Shillian stated, her eyes still frozen onto the view screen and her thoughts several dimensions away.
"Captain Rikar has been very kind in opening the ship to us and especially allowing me to retake my old position, well at least half of it," the Ensign said, the hesitation in her voice having been easy to hear if one had actually been listening. "I hope that you will accept taking me back as your assistant," Mitshiba finally let out after the silence between the two of them became unbearable. Never had the Ensign expected that a conversation with the Shillian could have been so one-sided with the Chief Science Officer on the receiving end.
"Of course," the head of the Science Department confirmed in an uncharacteristically short and to the point reply. "I am sure that I am as excited as Ensign Thomas is to have you back with us."
The statement made by the scientist had been rather ironic given the complete lack of enthusiasm displayed by the Shillian, even more so with the knowledge that Ensign Mitshiba had not yet gone to see the Chief of Operations.
The departure of Ensign Mitshiba from the Astrophysics lab went as unnoticed as her arrival, a development that had left the new Assistant Chief Science Officer perplexed and a little disappointed. Now she no longer had any valid excuse to avoid seeing Elliot.

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"To see the world in a grain of sand,
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