"From Bad to Worse"
(Cont. from "Peace")

Setting: USS HATHOR, Bridge
Stardate: 63077.0730

Aki had wasted no time to pull all of the available information on RAADEJ III.  That the planet was in the RIN-AJAD CLUSTER on the other side of Romulan space had been bad enough, but to discover that the world had been a frozen wasteland had just stolen the show.

"So we're going to be traveling *through* Romulan space to arrive at a ball of ice?" ET huffed after having been told about what the aCSciO had discovered.

"A *ball of ice* doesn't do that world justice," Aki said as her body shivered.  "The Breen would consider this planet to be too cold for them," the aCSciO added while she stood next to the COO.

"Guess I'd better replicate a set of long-johns before we get there," ET joked.  "Who the heck would build a genetics lab on a world like that?"

"Someone who wants to avoid unwanted attention and visitors," the CO said, having up to that point remained silent.

"There is another reason," an unexpected voice added from the back of the Bridge.  "The near absolute freezing conditions found on the planet surface would insure that nothing could escape should the lab suffer a containment failure of some sort."

What Maya had said had made perfect sense, but it was what she had not mentioned that concerned the aCSciO.  To establish a genetics lab on such an inhospitable world could only mean one thing; the level of their work had been beyond dangerous.  This meant that even if the weakest of their development projects should see life outside of RAADEJ III, life on a planetary scale would be made to suffer or even vanish completely.

"If the fact that the ANUBIS was rushed out to meet with the HATHOR was not enough to scare us," ET said as he rolled his eyes, "This little bit of additional information will most certainly keep me awake during the nights to come."  Et took a moment to send a playful glance in the direction of the Asian woman, hinting to his words having carried an ulterior meaning and invitation.

Aki shook her head at ET and smacked his shoulder thus showing that she hd gotten his message.  After that the aCSciO took a moment to process all that had been said about RAADEJ III and the genetics lab located there before she offered a soft thankful smile to Maya. Whatever had happened before now the aCSciO had been very happy to have the Shillian back on active duty, the woman's knowledge and expertise in all things scientific would most certainly come in handy in the mission to come.

Dawn Bohr
Ensign Akira 'Aki' Mitshiba
Assistant Chief Science Officer