"Secrets Within Secrets"
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<<Most see the world of Intel as a single all encompassing universe, but like our own physical universe, the world of Intel contains countless diverging ideas, conflicting facets and even different dimensions.>>
- Admiral Eli Hugo, retired

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 7, Sickbay
Stardate: 63072.1725

They had been rescued, the Native American had still not been sure how this had happened, but the fact remained that they had been rescued.  Now the problem had been how the former Captain of the USS LANCELOT would proceed.

"I am glad to see you are well," a crimson haired woman who displayed the rank insignia of Captain offered as she approached the biobed on which Morningstar had been resting.

"Well is a matter of perspective Captain," Erik stated as he forced a smile.  "Am I to gather that we have your crew to thank for our rescue?"

It was easy to see that the woman had been uncomfortable, that there had been something on her mind, something that caused her to filter her thoughts before they became words.  Morningstar had played this game during his career out of necessity but this had not been one of those times, so he decided to play the game differently this time around.

"Doctor," Erik said as he sat on the bed and faced the blonde haired CMO, "Could your Captain and I use your office?"

Lea fell into stunned silence, not at all having expected such a request, but after a few moments the CMO smiled and nodded her agreement.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 7, CMO's Office
Stardate: 63072.1730

The Native American stepped into the office followed by a somewhat puzzled woman; this little meeting had not at all turned out the way Rikar had expected.  As soon as the two of them had been alone Erik pivoted on his heels and faced the crimson haired Captain.

"I'm sorry, this is going to come as a shock to you but the situation has forced my hand," Morningstar announced as he leaned back against Doctor Summer's desk.  "Computer, establish a secure link with Starfleet Intelligence subspace network, authorization Gamma-One-Seven-Three-Black."

=/\= Authorization confirmed, =/\= the computer stated which caused the standing woman to momentarily grin.  =/\= Secured subspace link established. =/\=

"My name if Erik Morningstar, I am on special assignment from Starfleet Inteligence," the Native American announced. As the two Captains looked at each other, Erik was puzzled by the lack of shock or surprise from the woman in front of him - the usual reaction when anyone in SFI announced their true link to Starfleet.

"I know," Rikar softly grinned.  "It was the only logical explanation to justify why a Captain with your service record found himself in command of a ship filled with Academy graduates with only a few select exceptions."

It was Morningstar that found himself surprised, never having expected the woman before him to have pierced the cloak of secrecy that had surrounded the actual mission of the USS LANCELOT so quickly.  Despite this the Native American decided that it had been best if he put all of his cards down, there had been nothing left to gain by keeping secrets at this point in time.

"I was asked by Starfleet Intel to take the LANCELOT and attempt to locate information about a vessel that has gone missing.  I thought it safer to avoid bringing in faces that were known to the world of Intel, so I decided to recruit the most promising graduates whom I would be able to train and prepare for our mission.  I expected us to have several months of preparation after our visit to the GUMBARA Nebula but has I am sure you have already gathered, things did not go as planned."

Erik and Sabrina locked eyes once more, the Native American having realised that he had still managed to keep the details of his true mission hidden from the crimson haired woman despite his wish to tell her everything.  Working for Intel trained an individual to be as vague as possible, a habit that Morningstar had found difficult to break.

"Captain, I could get court marshalled for telling you this, and it may also place you and your crew in a rather unappealing position, but given that the LANCELOT was attacked by an unknown force, I feel as I have very few options.   Have you heard anything, rumours, hearsay, about a classified project code name *Saturn*?"

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