"Ride of the Valkyrie"
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Setting: SPHINX, Control
Stardate 30147.0739

With the rest of the women officers at their stations on the SPHINX, leaving the Bajoran ACMO, Ensign Mizore isolated without any significant role to perform or service to provide, setting her mind unbidden and free to roam. Exposing a rather detached expression as the rest of the crew all did what they were there to do, unintentionally Seska began to quietly hum soft melodies past through generations of her people, reminding her with thoughts as she recalled them, of home on BAJOR, its many moons, a simple life after the emancipation of BAJOR from the Cardassian attempted re-annexation. Time seemed to drag on, where minutes felt like hours or even days while the craft was slammed by winds and rattled by turbulence, generating some anxiety which precipitated some intangible twitch of restlessness and complacency to crawl over her.

Seska's eyes gave a fleeting scan outside, where nothing was familiar or welcoming about the cold, violent, and inhospitable conditions and environment outside the metaphorical composite cage of the SPHINX like some prison among an foreign, desolate, barren wasteland. No recognizable star formations, nothing visible to comfort her or satiate her desire, which only reinforced her longing for home as it grew within her. Silently slipping on a pair of emerald and black magnetic gravity boots lined neatly where they rested along the wall in a matching arrangement of colored environmental suits assembled for each member of the away team present.

"Lieutenant. . ." A momentary lapse as she had felt a little at a loss for words for the moment, having not thought what rank or specific title the Chief Science Officer might prefer to be referred to, acknowledged as, or called. "Hmm, Commander Maya." Figuring this might be an opportune moment to break words on the subject, rising to stand with a lowered posture and widened stance as the boots anchored her to the metallic flooring beneath her. "If you would excuse me, I think this might be an appropriate time for me to get acquainted and acclimated with the medical facility."

Quizzically arcing her appearance, staring at the Shillian from behind, glancing aside to the officers at each of the occupied consoles, Lieutenant Dalziel, Ensign Doyanne, Ensign Shar'El, Lieutenant Paquette. Each one offering their respective talents toward the success of the mission. Everyone contributing as one team, with Maya assuming direct control, turning her head very slightly as not to remove her attention from the fore. "Very well Ensign, you may take your leave, though you should remain on call, leaving communications open. Should you be needed, I expect you to report with haste, immediately." The Senior Officer giving a modest tip of her head in confirmation, Mizore relieved herself from the area, nodding to herself as she attempted to convince herself of something. ::To attend to the needs of the crew, or assist Doctor Doyanne, if I am to function in any capacity, it might benefit everyone more if I was to be aware of what limitations I have to operate under. It is not as if I myself, or my presence, is all that needed or necessary in command and control section currently for the moment.::

"Infinite diversity in infinite combinations." Seska whispered to herself in her native language, a sigh quietly slipping through her lips as it escaped her. "The sun is warm, the grass is green." Soundlessly, her words once more resorting to speaking in her Bajoran dialect, went nigh unheard as the shuddering of the mobile command vehicle proved more sonorous than her own subdued voice while attempting to settle her state of unease amid the turbulent atmospheric conditions.
Setting: SPHINX, Medical Facility
Stardate 30147.0742

Resigning herself to the accommodations offered by the Med Bay, becoming accustomed while she situated herself among the modest collection of resources at her disposal. Recognizing or identifying the many instruments of her craft, systematically establishing her own order within, organizing every device to its use or purpose as it suited her, obsessively compelled to extreme detail.

Gently touching her fingertips across the Starfleet emblem, before executing an eminently imposing stretch, appreciating the sense of being unrestrained and freely mobile. "Mizore to Paquette and Shar'El, I have some minor requests to ask of you both." Conflicted by the duality of her nature, and the realization as being the only one not considered a Senior Officer among those chosen for the away team, afflicted her with an deep sense of antipathy, inducing a sort of trembling nervous quality to her words, thoroughly trying to conceal her insecure sentimentality over her own self worth. "Lieutenant, if you would be inclined to acquiesce, I think it might be advantageous to initiate a transporter lock on those members of the away team operating in the Interceptors."

The woman's voice positively chimed with enthusiasm in reply, very nearly jumping an the opportunity at something more than vectors and course corrections to do, providing a way to lessen the mental exertion and emotional stress and take her mind off the immediate nature of her concern for the dangerous situation the crew all found themselves currently in.

=/\= In such harsh winds, I can make no promises, though I will see what I can do to accomplish some progress toward that end, Doctor. It will have to take secondary priority over the safety of those on Sphinx One. It will take time, some adjustments will have to be made to the transporter array, compensating for interference, not to mention modifications to power relays to provide enough energy, if I can divert a small trace percentage from both shields and holographic camouflage, it just might be possible. =/\=

"Ensign Shar'El, I would like to possibly create a method of monitoring the status of the crew members on each of the Viper Class vessels, as well as staying apprised of any conditions or medical emergency that require attention. Ideally transferring that information to display at my current location as well as CMO Doctor Doyanne at environmental control and life support command console. I am certain she would approve, as well as prefer to be privy to the knowledge of their state and stay informed of any problems."

The raven haired officer had seemed to have been preoccupied with some subject that weighed rather heavily on her mind, leaving the Ullian with a slight delay in response. Suddenly the female snapped from her contemplative state back to reality.  =/\= Understood, Ensign Mizore Seska.=/\= Unaware of the nuances of Bajoran society and culture, as she referred to the Bajoran entirely by her full name. "Simply Seska is fine or will do, or if you prefer to more formally address while on duty, Ensign or Doctor Mizore is or would be sufficient."

=/\= Got it, Seska. =/\= Opting to take a more personal association. =/\= It may be difficult to execute such a process, not only from the violent intensity of the storms force on our ship, we have no means of receiving an accurate immunobiological scan to facilitate any reliable data. =/\=

"I still think it worth a shot, I only wish there had been more time to prepare, though there was not much chance or option of that, with only a minimum of fifteen minutes to rally to deck twenty nine and report for the away team assignment. Can it be possible to temporarily adapt an algorithm in to their comm badges allowing such a procedure or operation?"

=/\= That it would have to be processed and transmitted through long range sensors, as such is only mere speculation or theoretical conjecture, is quite risky with little to almost no chance of success. =/\=

"Anything is better than blind ignorance of the not knowing the unknown. If there is an infinitesimal possibility, even in the face of insanely limited odds, I will take it. We have to try or should at least attempt it, right? No?" Her voice taking a desperate tone with a touch of exasperation.

=/\= I will concede your point and agree with you there, Seska. =/\= A sense determination showing over her face, as it brightened her expression, having been presented with a new challenge.

"Much appreciated Lieutenant Sonja and thanks to you Intel Liaison Shar'El." Seska had wished she was able to serve a little more actively, yet sparing any subsequent serious or dire medical emergency, there was little to do but sit around tripping the light fantastic at PI ALPHA III.

"Computer, open a secure communication link on coded subspace frequencies with all specified ships. VIPER One, Captain Erik Morningstar. VIPER Two, Flight Control Officer Ensign Wydran Ttosk. VIPER Three, Chief Operations Officer Ensign Jayson Stark."

"SPHINX One to VIPER Pilots and passengers, this is ACMO Mizore. Confirm. SPHINX One crew will be running simulated tests in effort to acquire a transporter lock on each of you, as well as set a means of enabling a synchronous system to track and record your mental cognitive processes, physiological capabilities, and vital functions."

Slowly resting aback as she took to recline in a seat, eyes always held in vigilant stare toward the exterior of the SPHINX for the crew not on board. Mentally having notated every last piece of equipment, where she arranged each one to its place or position, she subconsciously started to sing sotto voce, something she only did when alone or isolated.
Gwen Spellblade
Ensign Mizore Seska
Assistant Chief Medical Officer