"Tip of the Iceberg"
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<< Reality is an illusionthat we embrace out of fear of what is truly out there watching us.>>
- Asari Proverb

Setting: USS HATHOR, Bridge
Stardate: 63077.0645

Erik sat in the center chair; hisfinger hovered for several minutes over the control to start his official logand account of their last mission.  Solittle had actually happened, and yet the Native American could not put intowords all that had come to pass.  Themore the CO thought back though, the more he had to admit that there had been agreat that had transpired, most of which had been outside of the initialmission's parameters.

"Captain's Log, Stardate63077.07," Morningstar began with a sigh. "The mission is over and we are heading back to the barn, that saidthough the repercussions of what happened on the VALLA ROYAL while we werethere will, I'm afraid, echo through the entire quadrant if not thegalaxy."  Erik paused for a momentas the significance his own words washed over him. "Primary missionobjective was successfully accomplished; the package that had been on theXANTUL was retrieved without any immediate incident thanks to the skills andefforts of the crew, namely Ensign Fanggot. Secondary mission objective, the retrieval of Captain Sabrina Rikar wasalso successfully accomplished although this one with some complications due toevents outside of our control.  The politicalcoup on PYTHRON led by Trodat; son of the now deceased Ambassador Gerran, wasfrom what we observed during our mission somehow influenced if not orchestratedby the Locustat.  We have no idea whatthe reason behind their involvement is in this matter, only that the Locustatwere present on the VALLA ROYAL, at least this bsed on the reports made by mycrew and my own personal experience with the race.  Additional note for the records; Lt.Commander Maya clandestinely accompanied us on the mission and was, in the end,instrumental in its success, not to mention that she was responsible for savingseveral members of the team."

The Native American ended his logwhen he noted the ship's Counselor; Ensign Dalziel's arrival onto the Bridgewith a somewhat concerned expression on her face.  "She is still unconscious but her vitalsare stable," Eve reported having already figured that Erik's firstquestion would be about the woman now resting in their Sickbay.

"She's going to need aCounselor *and* a friend after what happened," Erik pointed out, thussaying without actually using those words that the Ensign had found a new*mission*, one that would likely extend for an indefinite period of time.

"I had figured thatmuch," Eve sighed before she paused for a moment to carefully chose herwords for what she had wanted to say next. "I wanted to say something about Maya, but I'm not sure how."

"You can speak freely,"Erik offered while he silently wished that they had been on the ANUBIS orPARADOX so that they would have access to a more private setting.

"There is somethingdifferent about her," the Counselor said in a tone that almost seemed asif she had spoken in an ill manner of the Chief Science Officer.  "Her entire demeanor has changed.  It is like a part of her is missing."

"Her innocence," theNative American noted with a nod of his head, obviously pointing to the factthat he too had noticed this change that the Counselor had spoken of.  "I think the last mission of the ANUBISleft some very deep psychological scars, and these have left her to be a newperson, one who has discovered a great deal about herself and the universeround her."

"Great," Eve halfgrowled.  "Guess I know what I willbe doing for the next few *months*," the Counselor said trying her best tosound annoyed but the Native American could tell that the Ensign had been morethan ready to help those she considered friends above being fellow shipmates.

"Captain," EnsignThomas reported from the Flight Control and Operations station, "we arereceiving an encoded transmission from NEW ALEXANDRIA."

"This can't be good,"Akira mumbled under her breath.  Toreceive such a transmission while the ship and crew were under what had been asecret undercover mission could only man that something big had happened.

"Decode and display,"Erik ordered of the COO as he shot a quick glance in the direction of EnsignMitshiba, not to comment on what she had said, but rather to show in passinghis agreement to the statement made.

=/\= Erik, =/\= Koniki's voicesounded troubled.  =/\= We have severalsituations developing that requires our immediate attention.  The HORUS has been dispatched to PYTHRON toinvestigate how a political coup happened without us even knowing anythingabout it before hand.  The SEKHMET islooking into a similar event, this one on ARTEM PRIME, an Antaran colony that issaid to hold the main governmental power for the entire race.  This leaves the ANUBIS to take care of theother matter that came to our attention. =/\=

"I thought the ANUBIS wasout of commission?" Elliot quickly noted before the Admiral continued.

=/\= We received some disturbingreports about the work of an underground, ultra secret genetics lab on RAADEJIII in the RIN-AJAD CLUSTER.  The ANUBIShas been dispatched to the coordinates included on a sub-channel with thismessage.  You are to rendezvous with theANUBIS at your earliest possible convenience and proceed to investigate thislab and its work.  More details on themission have been provided to Annie, the ship's Avatar.  All you kneed to know now is that this is atop priority matter of the utmost urgency. =/\=

"The RIN-AJAD CLUSTER in onthe far side of Romulan space," Akira noted with great shock.

=/\= I know that you will arguethat the HATHOR is likely better suited for this mission, but there are aspectsthat I just can't get into at this time. The ANUBIS's speed and resources will be imperative to the success ofthis mission.  Good luck.  Koniki out. =/\=

"Bridge toEngineering," the Native American CO started almost before the messagefrom Admiral Koniki had ended. "Elan, we are going to need more speed, looks like we are beingcalled into an urgent situation."

=/\= More speed, Aye, aye Sir,=/\= the Oltharian replied as if this had as normal and easily accomplishedrequest as walking and breathing.

"Helm," Erik continuedas he turned his attention back to the COO. "Set course for the rendezvous coordinates, maximum speed."

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