"Seeing Spots"
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Setting: VIPER 2, Cockpit
Stardate: 63148.0730

“Oooooooh, this is nice,” Ttosk said to himself wiggling in the pilot’s seat of the VIPER, but just as he was going to close the top of the Interceptor a young man handed Wydran a helmet. “What do you want me to do with this?  Is this supposed to keep me safe if I crash because if I do the VIPER is going to explode and that helmet isn’t going to do squat and if it’s just for communications than just give us some headsets”.

“Fair enough,” the crewman said as he shrugged and walked away. The Zaldan looked back at the helmet pulled out the headset inside of it put it on and closed the top of the craft. The massive tritanium door shut sealing all three pilots and their crafts from the rest of the ship. A voice immediately blared in his ear, startled he swatted the headset off of his head.

=/\= VIPER 1 is go, =/\= Ttosk recognized this as the Captain’s voice.

After a few seconds, the Zaldan confirmed, “VIPER 2 is go,” as he scrambled to grab his headset.

=/\= VIPER 3 is go, =/\= He heard Jayson say next.

Shortly after the VIPER that Wydran was in was suddenly launched forward through the tube, in only a few heartbeats the craft and pilot were now outside amongst the stars. A small piece of debris struck the wing of the VIPER, Ttosk promptly cringed and started whispering to himself “It will buff out… it will buff out”.

As he said this, the on board computer stated, =/\= Ensign Ttosk, the VIPERS have bio-regenerative armor they will not… =/\=

“Yea yea I know,” the Ensign said angrily, trying to interrupt the computer to no avail.  Not wishing to hear more, the pilot added in a exasperated tone “SHUT UP!”.  As Wydran shouted this, he threw his hands up in the air accidentally hitting several controls above him which caused the VIPER’s exterior hull color to change into leopard print. After having noticed this, he frantically switched it back to the original colors.

Scott Moll

Ensign Wydran Ttosk
Flight Control Officer