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"Knowing and utilizing the weakness of an opponent is not the same thing, sometimes knowing an adversary's strengths can be just as effective."
- Elwat Egol Cloudbreaker, Head of the Oltharian Klaj~Ra'Shall

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Captain's Ready Room
Stardate: 63072.1555
The moment the ANUBIS' COO and CEO had stepped into the Captain's Ready Room and the doors had closed behind them, Lieutenant Fairborn offered his report on what they had discovered.
"We have located a structural weakness in the outer frame of the Imperians," the imposing Engineer stated with calm enthusiasm.
"Those buggers are walking armours," the Chief of Operations added, his own enthusiasm easily overshadowing that of the Oltharian by his side. "Based on our own combat experience against these creatures, we know that they can take several direct hits and still continue functioning as if nothing had happened. If we focus our fire there," Elliott explained as he presented a PADD to the now sitting CO who had moved behind her desk, "we believe that one or two shots will be sufficient to disable the Imperian."
"Their inner thigh?" the crimson haired woman questioned as she looked up at the two officers with a distinct air of disbelief.
"There is some sort of secondary power processor located there," Elan explained having suspected that the CO's doubts had been because no crucial systems would have normally been expected to be in such an odd location. "We have not been able to get as much information as we would have liked due to the fact that we did not dare send any power into the test subject's systems. What we did find though is that the power conduits leading to that secondary processor are unidirectional. Power travels from the core to the legs, but if we caused a surge in the secondary processor, it would in theory create a cascade failure that would knock out the Imperian's primary power source."
It had been common knowledge onboard the USS ANUBIS that Engineering had not been Captain Rikar's strongest field - in fact she often spoke of it as being her weakness, hence why she had always relied on those around her to help in that domain. So it was with some surprise that the Olthairan saw his explanation accepted and understood without question.
"I figured as much, but my issue is with the location of the target, not it's location on the creature," Rikar explained as she gave the PADD back to the COO. "I doubt that the Imperians will stand still as we try to shoot off their inner leg, and I would suspect that there are only a few people on the ANUBIS that would be able to execute such a precise shot in the best of circumstances."
The enthusiasm of the CEO and COO quickly vanished as the concept of their discovery came against the light of reality, still Ensign Thomas had not been ready to give up, not after having worked so hard to make the discovery they had.
"Maybe what is required is a change of tactic on our part," the COO offered, his enthusiasm having returned to his voice, if only a little. "Direct weapon's fire against the Imperians are only mildly effective, but what if we were able to rig something that would create a directed blast beneath them."
The Oltharian quickly smiled as he picked up on the idea presented by Ensign Thomas. "We could create some sort of high energy landmine that would discharge a powerful focussed burst when stepped upon. The mine would have the disadvantage of being slow due to the charge delay, but it should be most effective against the Imperians as their mobility speed is very limited. In theory such a burst would overload the secondary processor and create the cascade failure within the Imperian all of this without an explosion that would destroy the surrounding area."
"An energy discharge of that magnitude would ionize the area making tricorders and communicators useless for several minutes, but I think that it is a small price to pay for being able to knock those things on their butts with a single shot," the COO added, their discovery having regained the importance he had granted it from the start.
"Start working on the delivery system," the CO ordered. "It will be nice to have a an effective weapon to use against these Imperians, either now or later."
Non Mission Message
Craig - thanks, your post it gave me what I needed to come up with the above.
CO - Captain Erik Morningstar (PC)
CSciO (Science) - Akira Mitshiba, Human, Female (PC)
Sec/Tac (Security) - Hex Fanggot, Kzinti, Female (PC)
aCMO (Medical) - Adriana Lopez, Human Female (PC)
FCO (Flight Control) - Drell, Klingon, Male
CEO (Engineering) - Sartek, Vulcan, Male
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