"Conflicting Emotions"
(Cont. from "Too Close")

Setting: USS LANCELOT, Corridor
Stardate: 63072.1550

The battle had been won but Aki felt no joy as she knelt over the Kzinti woman.  The initial shock of having seen her friend knocked down still caused the hands of the Science Chief to shake, even after Ensign Lopez had taken over and Hex had spoken.  The LANCELOT had already lost far too many good officers to allow for any more to become victims of these *things*.

Anger swelled within the CSciO as she stood over the disabled robot that had assaulted Hex with such unimaginable force.  The machine had finally been rendered inoperative following a volley of phaser shots that would have taken down a small army.  There had been no doubt that these things had been built for combat, able to withstand a tremendous amount of pounding while still able to continue on with the fight.

As impressive as these robots had been though, Aki could not find it within herself to admire these metallic beasts.  There had been an ominous aura about them, a shadow that hung in the air and hinted to these creatures having been meant to spread death and destruction wherever they went.  It had not been a scientific observation, but it had been the way the CSciO had felt and there had been no way to shake it.

"We need to move," Captain Morningstar whispered from behind the Ensign.  The group had initially come this way to run away from the sound of approaching footsteps, and now it had been a safe bet that the noises from the battle had attracted unwanted attention.

"As much as I hate to say this," Aki said in the same whispered voice.  "It might be better for us to stay put and hold this position.  We would be able to set up better defensive positions and I would be able to study one of them in the meantime.  Maybe I could find something that will make it easier for us to win any future encounter."

Although the suggestion had held a certain amount of logic, Captain Morningstar had been clearly against the idea of waiting for whatever had been out there to catch up.  For all they knew they had ran into a small scouting patrol, and that the approaching group consisted of far more than they could ever hope to be able to deal with successfully.  Retreat had been a safer choice, even taking into account the reduce mobility of the team due to injuries.

"It's too dangerous," the Captain said as he pivoted on his heel and headed to the aCMO to inform her of his decision.

Aki sighed, not because they would be running but rather because she would not get the chance to dig into the menacing body of the robot to discover what untold secrets laid therein.

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