"Rapid Descent"
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Setting: SPHINX, Command Deck
Stardate: 30148.0735

Shar'El thanked the universal powers for her having been so tightly secured in the chair. The drop had been sudden and that had just been the start of their descent to the moon's surface.

To keep the SPHINX small, many luxuries had been left out from it's design. Thankfully the padded shoulder straps on the chairs of the command deck had not been one of those things sacrificed.

Shortly after the initial drop, things relaxed a little allowing everyone to address their immediate responsibilities. For the ILO this meant checking on the sensors and communications.

"Commander Maya," Shar'El said after a few touches on her consol, "sensors are showing all three VIPERS on a close parallel course to ours. Captain Morningstar is hailing us."

=/\= VIPER 1 to SPHINX. We will do our best to help stabilize your descent, be warned that the atmospheric turbulences below look rather nasty. =/\=

"I think that our Captain has a gift for under statements," Shar'El said with a sigh. "Sensors are picking up winds in excess of 180 kilometers in the *quiet* zones ahead."

"We are going to get tossed around like a pea in a blender," the CEO added, her hands already at work trying to find a way to make things easier for them.

"Boost the structural integrity field to max and strap in tightly. We may get a little bruised on the way down," the commanding officer of the SPHINX said.

Shar'El glanced over her shoulder to the CMO who seemed somewhat nervous before looking at the aCMO who flashed a smile back at the ILO. A mix of memories flashed in the Bajoran's head leaving the Ullian at a lost to understand where that smile had originated from.

Tiffany Reeve

Ensign Shar'El
Intel Liaison Officer