"What Lurks in the Shadows"
(Cont. from "Shadow Dealings")

Setting: VALLA ROYAL, H-0101
Stardate: 63077.0335

Aki watched, blade in hand, as the rage in Ensign Dalziel slowly, very slowly drained from her to be replaced by concern for the ANUBIS' unconscious CO.  The woman had been beaten, the reason for this had yet to be determined, but one thing had been clear; they had arrived just in time.

ET used the length of rope that had been sent his way to secure the man responsible for the state in which Rikar had been in.  The moans of discomfort had indicated that the COO had been less then gentle with his methods.  As she looked at the Pythron man, Aki could not find it in her to feel any pity or sympathy for the man, actually what she felt had been quite the opposite.

As the aCSciO's grip tightened around the blade that she had been given her attention was diverted to the darkness that filled the majority of the room.  Only faint whispers had been heard but they had been enough to point to the group of rescuers that they had not been alone.

Glances were quickly exchanged and a plan was formulated without a single word spoken.  They would retreat to the safety of the corridor where they would at the very least be able to see what they were dealing with.

Aki moved in to assist Eve in carrying their unconscious Captain to safety while ET was left to drag the bound Pythron man.  Safety had been but a few meters away, a distance that seemed to be well within their reach until the door closed sealing the group inside.

Without any light there had been no way for Aki to locate the access panel and it had been a forgone conclusion that the door's proximity sensors would not trigger its opening.  ET dropped without hesitation the cargo that he had been tasked with to return to Aki's side, his phaser well in hand.  Hopefully his display in being willing to fight for everyone's safety would discourage those hiding in the shadows from launching an attack.  At least that had been the thoughts the aCSciO used in order to ease her concerns and growing apprehension for this less than welcoming situation.

"You do realize that we cannot allow you leave," an arrogant yet poised voice came from the darkness.  The tone had been so calm, to the point of being relaxed, that it made everyone even more nervous. The confidence of the one man hiding in the shadows against three others, two of them armed could only mean one thing; that he had not been alone, or at the very least believed that he held the advantage.  Unfortunately for the trio of undercover officers that perception had very likely been perfectly accurate.

ET raised his weapon, ready to fire into the shadows with the hopes that luck would grant him a successful hit, but before the COO could press the trigger some unseen force knocked the man back and the weapon clear out of his grasp.

"I only have a few questions for you first," the voice said, the pause that followed hinting that the swiftness of their reply would translate into how quickly or painfully they would share their final fate.  "You mentioned Starfleet Command, what are you to them?"

Eve's eyes narrowed as she glared into the darkness, her own feelings and anger had made her say something that had not taken long to be used back against them.

When no answers came, another unseen force knocked Aki to the floor and the blade clean out of her hand.  ET rushed to the Asian woman's side and was relieved to find her unharmed, at least for the time being.

"No weapons left to take care of," the voice said with a sickly arrogance.  "What is your relationship with Starfleet?"

Eve, ET and Aki shared a quick glance between he three of them, silently wondering what would happen next and which of them would be the first to find out.

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Ensign Akira 'Aki' Mitshiba
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