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Setting: USS ANUBIS, VIPER Launch Bay
Stardate: 30148.0715

The general quietness of the last days was no more. Today had started with a bang and that was the way he liked it. Out of bed, dressed and out the door in a few minutes, that was what he had always hoped life in Starfleet would be like. Excitement around every corner.

Manning the Operations station on the ANUBIS was fun, but this would be better. The VIPERS were state of the art interceptors and just being at the controls of one made his blood rush.  Unlike a shuttle this felt like an extension of himself, and he liked that feeling.

Jayson would be alone in the two-man craft, but that didn't bother him. This whole mission was designed to be a test of their skills and resourcefulness. His mind went through the pre-launch check, making sure that everything had been ready. There had been no room for mistakes.

The Ops officer glanced over to the other two VIPERS to see the Captain and FCO also getting ready.  All of the training and practices he had gone through would be called upon. This was going to be a live exercise like none he had ever dealt with.

The cockpit had been secured leaving him alone with his hands wrapped around the control stick. It felt strange to have the ship's controls in his hands, but Jayson had to admit that it felt since. The day had barely started and he already found something to say in having been good. He almost wished that Counsellor Dalziel had been there behind him to see all this. He would likely have more than one opportunity to mention it to her over the 300 km exercise they were about to start.

=/\= ANUBIS to all VIPERS. We need a 'go' / 'no go' for final verification before launch sequence is initiated. =/\=

The silence that followed was perfect. Everyone seemed to be holding back their breathes.

=/\= VIPER 1 is go! =/\= The Captain said sounding excited, which only added to the feeling that Jayson was already experiencing.

Another short pause followed, this one touched by the sound of labored breathing.

=/\= VIPER 2 is go! =/\= Wydran said next, sounding like he was a little too tightly stuffed into his craft.

The Ops officer scanned his console one last time. All of the indicators were green and showing full readiness.  This was it, and although he did not know what to expect Jayson smiled before he breathed in deeply.  His hands held the joystick even tighter than he had before as he looked down into the long tunnel in which his VIPER would be sent out through.

=/\= VIPER 3 is go! =/\=

Jayson Sousa

Ensign Jayson Stark