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“The true test of character is not how much we know how to do, but how we behave when we don’t know what to do.”
- John Holt


Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 1, Bridge
Stardate: 30148.0650

The Native American sat in the central chair, the events of the past few days well behind him.  His thoughts were on the immediate task at hand, his gaze was lost on the chaos of the moon they were now in orbit of. They had arrived a few hours ago but the CO thought it best to wait for a more reasonable hour to summon his Senior Officers to the Bridge. There had been no reason to make a habit of getting the whole crew up in the early hours of the morning to test their readiness.

That was then, and now was a far better hour. Plus Erik saw no need to delay things any more than he had already done.

With the press of one of the controls on the arm of his chair, the Captain opened a channel to all affected by their training mission to this hellish world.  "Morningstar to Commander Maya, Lieutenant Dalziel and Paquette, as well as Ensigns Shar'El, Ttosk, Starks, Doyanne and Seska. Report to the Observation Lounge *immediately*."

"Ten minutes before 0700?" the Native American mused to himself. "I think I am getting soft in my old age."

Setting: USS ANUBIS: Deck 1, Observation Lounge
Stardate: 30148.0705

As the last of the Officers rushed in to take a seat, the ANUBIS' CO began the briefing by summoning a holographic image of the inhospitable world they were already orbiting.

"Our mission to the moon of PI ALPHA III will be divided into three legs. The first consist of our actually making it to the surface using the SPHINX and VIPERS.  The VIPERS, piloted by Ensign Ttsok, Ensign Stark and myself will offer support to the SPHINX on the way down and throughout the first 100 km of our trek." Erik paused and glanced at the Ops and FCO to see their nods of acknowledgement.

With a press of a control Erik changed the holographic display to show a topographic view of a specific region of the moon. "Our second leg of the journey will be made using the three LOCUS and will cover another 100 km, this time in a very unwelcoming environment."

"Unwelcoming indeed," Lieutenant Paquette, the ship's CEO chimed in with, "because the rest of that world is such an inviting and pleasurable place for a peaceful stroll."

"Could be worst," the Cardassian born Counselor added with a partial grin. "We could have been heading down to the Breen homeworld in only shorts and t-shirts."

"I think I would still rather face bone freezing conditions instead of that place," Doctor Doyanne offered with a sign, having also noted from the corner of her eye a distinct discomfort from her assistant at the sound of the Counselor's voice.

"Actually," the acting Executive Officer and Chief Science Officer began, unable to hold back the scientific perspective presented to the rest of the Senior Officers, "the odds of survival on PI ALPHA III are much greater than any we would be faced with on the Breen homeworld, and that is not taking into account any potential resistance we would encounter from the Breen should our presence be detected."

"Once we arrive to our second mark," Erik continued, bringing the briefing back on track, "we will split up into three teams and use the LOCUS to cross this expanse which will take us to our final mark and the third leg of our journey to PI ALPHA III. The teams will be as indicated on the PADDs that have been set in front of you."

All eyes moved onto the small hand-held devices upon which the three-man teams had been indicated for each vehicle. The first LOCUS would see the CO and aCMO behind the CNS who would be driving.  Erik had wanted to share some of the *fun*, so the pilots of the VIPERS had been given simple passenger positions on board the LOCUS.  Team two had been comprised of the ILO and OPS officer with the ANUBIS' own CEO in the driver's seat. This left the CMO, FCO and Acting ExO for the this team, where Maya would be at the controls.

After having given everyone a few seconds to review the data, the CO moved on with the briefing. With another press of the controls, the ANUBIS' Captain changed the holographic display to show the Barracuda-Class Underwater & Stealth Mobile Command Unit resting by the shore of small lake.

"We are all going to fit in that?" The imposing FCO grumbled unimpressed, not at all looking forward to seeing his own massive form being confined into that particular craft.

"I reviewed the specs on all of the supporting crafts including that one," Ensign Stark said with a certain relaxed confidence. "The BARRACUDA is a lot larger than it looks, you should not have any problems fitting in.  Heck, if you can fit 30 Marines in there, you should have more than enough room to stretch comfortably.  Still, it might be a good idea for you to keep your head down, just in case.  No need to give our medical staff any more work than they will already have on their hands."

"Sir, if I may?" the newest addition to the ANUBIS' crew spoke up. "I was under the impression that this mission was meant for the Senior Officers only.  As the Assistant Chief Medical Officer of the ANUBIS why have I been included?"  The question had been a valid one, but part of the reason for the Bajoran inquiring as she did had been more about the teams' set-up.  Being confined to larger crafts with the Cardassian born Counselor had been difficult enough, but to be in very close quarters while riding in the LOCUS could prove to be problematic.

The Native American had not made this decision blind, and this showed as he offered the *official* reason for his decision. "It is true that this mission was initially intended to include only the Senior Officers, but given the high potential for injuries, I thought it best to give Doctor Doyanne a little bit of extra help. Plus I did not want you to get bored while we had all the fun on the moon's surface."

Shar'El let out a long breath as a few images from various *fun* memories were broadcast by the CO, clearly showing to the Ullian ILO that for the Native American this particular mission would actually be pleasant when compared to others that he had taken part in.

"Once in the BARACCUDA we will navigate the moon's underground river system to our extraction mark which is oddly enough another 100 km away.  If there are no questions... It is now 0715," Erik offered in closing.  "Since all crafts have been previously prepared, you all have 15 minutes to get ready and make it to your crafts for deployment."


Francois Charette

Captain Erik Morningstar
Commanding Officer


Lt. Commander Elan Fairborn
Robotics Engineering Officer