"War and Pieces"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 16, 'Black Hole' Upper level
Stardate 30147.1745

Seska finding no excuse and even less interest to stay, removed herself from the woman's company, in one reasonably graceful motion as not to cause unnecessary tension or offense. Silence was all she managed to offer, as she was desperately attempting to maintain even the smallest measure of professionalism. Just before leaving the 'Black Hole' entirely, her body tightened almost tormenting her in an instinctive act of protest, when she took one last glance behind her at the Cardassian. ::An act unobserved.:: Mizore's expression deepened and attitude darkened, simultaneously tipping her head to a side in reflection. ::Has essentially not happened.:: She continued her escape as the doors parted, covertly leaving as if fading from the room altogether, feigning that no one particularly had any interest in her or had bothered to pay any attention to her in the least.

Soon as Seska set the place aback, convinced she was quite on her own, an icy shiver stretched itself along her spine. Thoughts which normally flowed freely, now converted her memories within to something vile, viciously slamming against her will only seemed to blur and obscure the reality of the present with the details of the past.

So entranced by the sensation that brought strange and unusual imagery as it appeared. Her reflection glared back, face smeared in blood, from her fingertips to her elbows stained in intense shades of red, Rika's last words as they were whispered to her. The sound of Bajoran phaser fire. Eve's visage cast in scarlet and black bearing a decidedly malevolent display on her features, where she stood face to face with her, the Cardassian visibly towering over her own figure.

Everything seemed to dimly flicker when the the scenery rapidly changed, replaced by the familiar snow leaden field of blue iris, where a slow frozen breeze frosted the landscape. Seska existed here as a young girl, a time from her past, where she was naive but content in such a peaceful place. What was unexpected was Dalziel's presence, though the woman's entire disposition had softened, taking the thirteen year old girl by her hand, a small yet warm smile surfaced on her lips, lowering herself into position as she stared with bright cobalt eyes, catching the Bajoran girls twin colored view, as the child returned her gaze.

With decisive finality, the visions ceased, torn from her conscious, snapping her senses into hypersensitivity. Light burned into her sight, sound echoed a deafening static, and the air seemed thinly laced with a sour acidity. Aimlessly, the Bajoran woman wandered like some vagrant without a cause, lost in a haze, completely detached and unaware as her body roamed through the craft.
Setting: USS ABUBIS, Deck 7, Main Sick Bay
Stardate 30147.1755

Driven by an unknown desire, guided by a hidden impulse, fixated to a singular compulsion. Inaudibly slipping herself into sickbay, where it was possible to recover her senses. Again, Dalziel came to her in thought after some extensive introspection, where Seska began to isolate and identify details about the Counsellor she was able to rationally substantiate about the woman.

::Openly honest, direct, relatively sensitive and emotionally expressive, passively accepting, considerably brave, friendly, intuitive, perceptively thoughtful.:: Mizore thought many of these were positive aspects or admirable traits. ::Empathetically receptive as one would expect a Counsellor to be, yet I cant help sensing a lack of meaningful, long term social connection, seems eager to associate, to be acknowledged or accepted.::

Admittedly sensed with a fleeting sympathy, instantly raising the half century conflict to the surface, that relapsed her confusion almost sending her reeling once more into the prior cycle of oblivion. Eve was not the enemy, not an enemy at all really. Nonetheless, this female alone, had come to represent the very embodiment of the one thing Seska both loathed and feared personified, carried in her Cardassian bloodline. To function in her role as Assistant Chief Medical Officer, where Main Sickbay lie situated within such close proximity the Counsellor's office, and coexist on the USS ANUBIS, would be no small accomplishment. If this was to be a trial to test her, gauge her fortitude, find the limits of her convictions, Seska accepted it the moment she stepped on the ship.

Even as the situation stood, there were times when she wished she could step aside herself, to be someone else. To gain some perspective and find a little objectivity, yet she was who she was, 'Mizore Seska', in all that included to define her as an individual and create her personality. Leaving the facility, the ACMO taking time to requisition a medical tricorder and portable medical kit containing a set of hyposprays, an autosuture, a blood infuser, a defibrillator, a dermal regenerator, a neural stimulator, finally adding a space for her own personal PADD.

Prior to setting a course to the observation area on deck one, not wanting to miss an opportunity, she would at least make the effort to associate with the woman. The Lieutenant had done the same, undoubtedly aware of her sentiment toward Cardassians, the deep sense of personal loss, and possibly her sordid history during the re-annexation of Bajor . To find some mutual understanding, as Eve had confessed, she had been in part raised into Bajoran society. Seska would use the moment to her advantage, leaving a digitized copy of 'The Soul of Gratitude' by the poet Ocman Darniv for the Counsellor, should she find the time or interest to read the literary work.
Gwen Spellblade
Ensign Mizore Seska
Assistant Chief Medical Officer