"Like Looking Into Absolute Darkness"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 21, Cybernetics / Robotics Lab
Stardate: 63072.1445

Things had definitively taken a turn for the better with the linking of the transporter systems, the safe return of Doctor Summers as well as one surviving member of the LANCELOT. The best break the crew of the ANUBIS had made though had been the capture of one of the robots that Lieutenant Fairborn and Ensign Thomas had gone up against. A total of six such artificial beasts had been rendered inoperative, but only one had been in good enough condition to be brought back to the ANUBIS for engineering and scientific research.

While Lieutenant Fairborn and Ensign Thomas laboured next door in the Robotics Lab on the physical body of the machine, the Chief Science Officer had set up shop in the Cybernetics lab where the scientist attempted to decipher the programming found within the core of the metallic brute. The initial survey of the base programming of the monster had revealed a rather simplistic set of commands, which proved to be rather puzzling to the Shillian. Given the obvious sophistication of the physical frame, the scientist had expected the program to be far more complex and adaptive, but so far nothing the head of the Science Department had found suggested that this had been the case.

As the investigation progressed the Shillian found her way into what could have only been referred to as the identification protocol, a set of information hardwired into the machine that for all intents and purposes gave the metallic entity its own *identity* and status within its civilization. The more the Chief Science Officer researched this aspect of the programming, the more puzzled and disturbed the scientist became.

"Found anything interesting?" Captain Rikar inquired of the Chief Science Officer immediately as she stepped into the Cybernetics lab.

"No and Yes," the Shillian replied, an answer that the Commanding Officer of the USS ANUBIS immediately knew would lead to a lengthy explanation. "Based on what I have so far discovered, these creatures refer to themselves as the Imperians, and using the base programming found within our own Avatar as a basis for comparison, these artificial creatures are far simpler in content than Annie although apparently more advanced in structure. Other than that there is little more I can report since the computer is still in the process of decoding the core program, but it is safe to state that they are part of a cybernetic race with what I would guess to be a limited purpose."

"Great," the Captain sighed, "just what this galaxy needed, another Borg."

"Actually comparing the Imperians to the Borg would be inaccurate on many levels," the Chief Science Officer stated as more of the core programming was revealed. "The Borg have as a primary goal to assimilate the biological and technological distinctiveness of the races they encounter, the Imperians on the other hand seem to have a simpler objective; the extermination of life in whatever shape or form it may be encountered in."

"That is not what I would consider to be good news," Captain Rikar offered with an audible gulp. The Borg could be reasoned with on some level, but given the information that the Chief Science Officer had given it had been clear that the Imparians would require nothing less than absolute force to be stopped.

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Lieutenant Commander Maya
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"To see the world in a grain of sand,
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