"Sneaking Around in Little Feet Can Be Hazardous to Your Health"
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Setting: USS HATHOR, Transporter Room
Stardate: 63076.2200

With the Senior Staff on the VALLA ROYAL, the small Shillian primate had been able to travel through the ship with much greater ease and speed, the rest of the personnel onboard having been busy with maintaining the cloaking device and keeping the ship out of the way of the PYTHRON battle cruiser that had taken an unsavoury liking to the orbital station.  The ability to move about more freely had alas not helped the transformed Chief Science Officer in her latest task, that of reprograming the computer to insure that no trace of what she had planned on doing would be recorded.  What would have been the point of her having been so diligent in her staying hidden for all this time if a simple transporter record could point not only to her presence b also to her identity?

Without a direct link to the orbital station, the only way for the Shillian to take part in this little adventure had been to beam over, a simple task for a two-legged humanoid but not such an easy one for a miniature primate who had done her absolute best to remain undetected.  For a while the Chief Science Officer had considered staying on-board the HATHOR as she contemplated the many possible problems involved in her return to the ship.  Whatever difficulties the polymorphed scientist had faced thus far to get to the VALLA ROYAL would be multiplied by several folds in her efforts to undertake a similar return trip.  Still the thrill of the adventure that lay ahead and the possibility of her fellow shipmates needing a little assistance had been enough to make the shape-shifted Shillian decide to go on with this plan and to face the challenges of her return when that time would come.

Setting: VALLA ROYAL, Promenade
Stardate: 63076.2245

Beaming into a section of the VALLA ROYAL that had been less frequented so as to avoid detection had proven to be a far more difficult task than the Chief Science Officer had originally expected.  Without access to the full array of sensors available on the HATHOR, he Shillian primate had been forced to rely on passive surface scans which had greatly limited her selection of possible transport destination, still the shape-shifted scientist had managed to find a small alley that seemed to be seldom travelled.

Once on the station, the small Shillian Primate was force to quickly scamper off out of sight as a drunken miner was tossed out of the establishment he had been in, likely in response to some unacceptable behaviour.  Although this unexpected event had proven to be a little unsettling for the Shillian, it had also granted her with a golden opportunity to enter the building thus leaving behind the alley and whatever dangers might be lurking in the shadows.  Federation starbases and orbital outposts were renowned for their cleanness to the point of almost being sterile, two descriptions that had been far from labelling the area in which the Shillian had found herself in only a few seconds ago.

As the door closed behind the small primate, the Shillian began to wonder if coming onboard the VALLA ROYAL had not bee a grave mistake, one that had been compounded by her having rushed into the establishment unaware of the chaos that reigned therein.  For a humanoid, the nature of this chaos had been nothing special; just the normal hustling and bustling of people going about their business in a bar and casino, but to a small Shillian primate the large, heavy dirty boots of the miners and the sharp stiletto heals of the Dabo girls had been nothing short of deadly.

With urgent haste the transformed Shillian found a support column that she could climb and quickly vanished up its height to what she hoped would be a quieter and safer level from which she might be able to locate a friendly face.

Jessica Solarik
Lieutenant Commander Maya
Chief Science Officer

"To see the world in a grain of sand,
and a heaven in a wild flower.
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
and eternity in an hour."
- William Blake (British, 1757-1827)