"Dreams Are Better"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Sickbay
Stardate: 63072.1445

"Where am I?" Lea asked, her thoughts nothing more than a jumbled mess.

"You are safe Doctor," the redhead Captain replied. "You are back on the ANUBIS."

"What about the others?" the CMO asked, her first memory to return having been the crewman she had returned to save.

"The crewman is stable," the Captain said, her eyes having shifted momentarily to another bed. "Lieutenant Fairborn and Ensign Thomas are in Engineering with one of the robots that attacked you."

Lea took a moment to review the events that had taken place. She quickly remembered the Oltharian's daring rescue as well as the heroic presence of the COO. After a few more seconds the CMO also recalled the less than happy arrival of the ILO.

"What happened?" the Doctor asked, curious as to whether or not the CO knew the details of the situation.

"Lieutenant Fairborn carried you back," the redhead woman said. "He simply stated that you had lost consciousness after having received a hit."

"Enaii packs quick a punch," Lea mumbled loud enough for the CO to hear. "I suspect she took some lessons from a disgruntled Klingon at one point in her training.

"What did you say?" Rikar demanded. "Commander Enaii hit you?"

The CMO realised too late that she had wanted to think her words, not speak them. "She had a valid cause," Lea said.

The redhead glared at the woman resting on the medical bed. The look in the CO's eyes pointed to Rikar not having subscribed to the thought that it had been acceptable for any officer to hit another.

"I disobeyed a direct order," the CMO explained. "I endangered myself as well as the rest of the away team because of it."

"I am sure that you had your reasons," the Captain said as she patted the CMO's hand. "I'll speak with Enaii as soon as she returns about this. In the meantime rest, I am sure your medical staff would appreciate some help with the wounded from the LANCELOT."

Lea offered a weak smile. The CMO knew that there had been very few survivors from the LANCELOT and that the CO had only tried to make her feel better.

[[Can't believe I dreamt of kissing her,]] Lea thought to herself as her fingers carefully brushed against her chin. The pain the CMO felt had been proof enough that this had not been a dream. [[At least Enaii got what she wanted. I'm no longer there to get in her way.]]

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Lt. Lea Summers
Chief Medical Officer