" Anger "
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Setting: VALLA ROYAL, Storage Compartment D-1142
Stardate: 63076.2215

The young woman took in a long, deep breath as she straightened out her dress.  Some activities lent themselves with greater ease to a Dabo girl, but this latest one had proven to far more demanding and had required a great deal of strength and skill… at least when compared to what the redhead had been accustomed to doing at the casino.

The trail of clues about Kamlia's demise had brought the inquisitive young woman to this place under the pretense of meeting someone who had known someone who might have overheard something.  As vague as it had all been, Rikar had not hesitated to jump at the chance of getting more than what she had thus far managed to gather… a great deal of nothing.  Whoever had been responsible for this heinous act held a great deal of power on the station, enough to scare those who knew something into a deep and unwavering silence.

The shady alien had been most pleased to see the seductively dressed woman approach him, each step that she had taken to reduce the distance between them seemed to make the Andorian's heart race increasingly faster.  The way his eyes had fallen onto the curves of her form and lingered on specific locations had left no doubts as to the nature of the payment he would require for the information Rikar had come here to get.

Her gentle, expert fingers traced the contour of the alien's face with such delicate precision that he almost fell to his knees in delight.  Grinning from ear-to-ear, the Andorian refused to divulge the information that he had claimed to have before the young woman showed him what she had been truly capable of.

A devilishly playful grin formed on the young woman's pink lips as the tips of her fingers slowly traveled to the alien's neck.  The shivers caused by her sensual touch had been impossible to escape and it was clear that the Andorian had expected to be taken to a world that he had only been able to dream about.

Slowly his eyes closed in response to the continued delicate caresses of the expert young woman's touch.  Now, more vulnerable then he could have ever been, Rikar decided to take this little encounter to the next level… not desiring to spend any more time than required in this situation.

With skills and strength born of Starfleet training and field experience, the young woman sent the Andorian flat onto his back.  Although surprised by the unexpected forcefulness of the act, the alien seemed pleased until he noted something in the redhead's eyes… anger.

When he tried to break free and return to his feet, the Andorian was met with a renewed force and a single queston… "Who killed Kamlia?"

The answer came in the form of a struggle, one that lasted several minutes and eventually left the Andorian unconscious behind a set of cargo crates.

With her dress now back in its pristine appearance, the young woman could leave the storage compartment secured in the knowledge that no word of what had transpired here would ever come out.  Pride, even if misplaced, did have its usefulness and in this case Rikar knew that the Andorian would never dare to admit to anyone that he had been knocked off his feet by a mere Dabo girl… even one on a mission of anger.

Setting: VALLA ROYAL, Promenade
Stardate: 63076.2235

As if nothing had happened, the young woman made her way through the crowd of the Promenade… taking in the gaze of many around her who had apparently become interested in her.

"Hey hot stuff," the PYTHRON youth called out in a rather crude and suggestive manner, his posture hinted to some level of dissatisfaction.  "I've heard that you have been busy."

Rikar froze in midstride and turned to look at Trodat, not ready to confirm or deny anything since he had not made any specific claims as to her use of what had in the end been her own time despite his claim to Gordy to the contrary.  "Depends on what you mean," the redheaded woman offered in a teasing manner, certain that her charms would give her at the very least an edge that she would be able to use one more time.

"I'm just repeating what I have been told by some of my friends," the PYTHRON youth stated in such a way that shivers crawled up the young woman's spine.  "You have been asking questions about that other Dabo girl."

"I just think it's not fair that the station's security and administration is going to let it go," the young woman explained as she played the wounded, innocent victim to near perfection.  "I'm scared… of what happened to her and what could happen to me if this criminal is not stopped."

"My sweet Samantha," Trodat consoled, his right hand gently cradling the side of the young woman's face in an almost loving, caring manner.  "I would never allow anyone to hurt you… that you have my solemn promise.  As long as I am by your side, no one will ever dare to lay a finger on you… ever… not even my father."

The hint of anger in the PYTHRON's voice had been an unspoken indication as to the resources of his undisclosed friends… something that had not at all placed the young woman at ease.  In fact the idea that Trodat would challenge his own father, even if not openly, had been a drastic change in he young man, a change of attitude and a gain of confidence that Rikar could not help but to be troubled by.

"Go back to the casino," the PYTHRON youth stated, almost as a command although his voice had carried in it a distinct tone of caring and concern.  "I have a few things to look into first but I will join you for a drink… at that time we can talk about what outfit you will be wearing for me tonight."

The young woman knew that going up against Trodat at this time would not have been wise and that it would likely raise a great deal of questions about her motives and personal resources.  For the time being, Rikar had conceded that her investigation would have to be put on hold and that enjoying the moment had been in her best interest.

With a thankful smile, the Dabo girl nodded her acknowledgement of the instructons she had received, placed a delicate kiss on the PYTHRON youth's cheek and headed for the Casino's back door used by the employees.  After all there hd been no reason to attract any unneeded attention or even be seen by the Casino's owner who would likely have a few questions of his own for her.

Setting: VALLA ROYAL, Casino
Stardate: 63076.2250

The young woman sat at one of the tables of the upper level, one that over looked the gambling tables below.  From this vantage point Rikar could see the greater majority of the casino as well as the people who came and went.  Although her hands had been firmly around her drink, the redhead's attention had been far beyond the reach of her immediate surroundings.

When the door to Gordy's office opened, the attention of the redhead was instantly drawn to the sultry green dressed woman who had stepped out of the owner's office; the tight and form-fitting garment hugged the unknown woman's form in such a way that the sitting Dabo girl had found herself drawn into a world of endless possibilities.  The momentary escape from the chaos and trouble that this place seemed to constantly provide had been a most welcomed contrast to what she suspected would be in store for the evening's entertainment.

Such ideas had not been foreign to Rikar and for a moment the young woman allowed herself to imagine and explore some of the adventures the two women could share… that was until the redheaded woman realized *who* this new girl was.  Gordy had wasted no time in replacing Kamlia, and that alone had insured that new Dabo girl would stand on the wrong side of the battle that would sooner or later unfold.

The question was… would Rikar allow her anger to take control of this situation and bring Trodat and is friends into this matter or would she calm herself before then?

Sabrina Jones

Samantha Rikar
Dabo Girl

Once known as…
Captain Sabrina Rikar
Commanding Officer